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You’re damn right I logged in!

WoW classic fools! I’m about to go miss a lot on some lowbie monsters. Don’t know what server yet, respond if you have one! DAVE! DAVE! That’s all – I hope it’s kinda like a batman signal… Sooo…Paladins…or Batmans…yes! …ploural…we can all be batmans.

D3 – Reaper of Souls: Clan Zergadins!

I made clan Zergadins, tag ZERG for D3. Anyway, if you haven’t tried out D3’s expansion yet, I suggest you do. If you were like me and even forgot you had pre-ordered it months ago, go play it. Good fun and LOTS of changes; some good, some bad, some funky (my show loot on the […]

Blarghing – MP10 Hardcore Self Found

I was plugging away on my MP10 HC monk, at level 34, and realized he was pretty far behind the stats that my other HC MP10 chars had at that level (yes, I have a spreadsheet, I keep track :)) Oddly enough, I found myself not interested in dropping big bucks again on the AH […]

Kildara completes BL1! Also: ASD;LFKJ D3 Hardcore! Argh

We finished BL1 tonight, to an anticlimactic ending. BL1 ends with about no bang, and we got some crap guns from the “destroyer” of worlds – yeah. I bought her BL2 from that super sale last weekend, so after we do a playthrough 2/2.5 in BL1, off to BL2! Also – GO TO HELL D3 […]

The Elder Scrolls Online

So I was talking with Dave (Panzer) via email, and I mention my plans to develop a community in ESO just like a did with SWTOR. (Only this time actually recruit within the game instead of just within my friends list) Dave tells me he had heard ESO was a WoW clone. That is STAGGERING […]

Grokk Reviews: Planetside 2

As some of you might have overheard, I’ve been playing Planetside 2 with Dank. My initial foray into the breach, dear friends, was not without incident. My first impression was essentially a FPS-MMO version of Red Alert, and I must tell you it’s not very far off from the truth. As I went about attempting […]

SWTOR – Silverstrike’s Cartel Coverage

My latest contribution at Force Junkies is up for your reading pleasure.  Witty comments by Zergadins are always appreciated.  The article is focused on the launch of SWTOR’s F2P model and the Cartel Coin Market. Thanks go out to Bellevil (aka BrokenAces) and our fiery friend Beylyssa for granting us interviews. See you on the […]

Whaddup Blackhorn!

Wow, truly amazing. We managed to bang out Blackhorn really only in a week’s time. I think the most difficult part about this week’s Thursday night raid was Hagara, which we still managed to do on heroic (thank god x_x). We managed to bring the wipe counter on Hagara up to a total of 79 […]

Pre Raid Mana Buffs

The world’s most used psychoactive drug… Caffeine. We all know it, and we all love it, but what is it? Caffeine is a crystalline stimulant, natural pesticide and is toxic to house pets.  Humans love it.  It is naturally derived from plants  and can be found in the Coffee berry, Tea leaves and Guarana berries […]

Pre-Raid Mana Buffs

Ahh yes, the Iconic Martini! Made famous by James Bond and Carrie Bradshaw. You can drink them straight, on the rocks, gibson, shaken, stirred and everything in between. The Martini has come along way since the prohibition era when it first entered the scene. Lets unfold the history of one of America’s first cocktails. When […]