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Yearbook – Digital Version of the 2013 Online!

I’ll admit, I was a little shocked that I had very few people contact me regarding this years book. Usually we can make the minimums to go to print (15). But it just wasn’t in the cards this year. I think Blarghe said it best to me a month or so ago when he told […]

Zergadins 2013 Yearbook Place your orders!

This is it folks! The Zergadins 2013 Community yearbook has arrived! We will be taking orders until the end of June! Boasting over 60 unprecedented full color pages featuring Real life photos donated, or stolen whatever, of all of the zergadins that you have grown to love over the past year. Special features this year […]

Yearbook – Books Roster Section complete! Looking Submissions

Another update for everyone. The Roster section of the yearbook has been completed! If you don’t see your name in here and would like to be included, please contact me ASAP as I have already plotted the pages based off of this list. I can still make changes… but you better bake me some damned […]

Yearbook – Voted most Ugly!

Now that the bios are complete and everyone who is going to be included in this years book has been added; it’s time to vote for the “best” and “worst” of! This will only be available until Next Saturday, May 18th. So be sure to hit the new questionnaire located at the top of the […]

Community – Zergadins 2013 Player of the year Nominations

Alright boys, It’s that time again. One lucky player is to selected to be named our Zergadins player of the year! For those of you joining us from previous years; you know how dirty this can get. For anyone new, I will review the rules.   2013 Player of the year Contest Part 1: The […]

Community – 2013 Yearbook Update! BIO DEADLINE.

Another quick update for everyone regarding the yearbook status! Progress is moving quite well with this yearbooks. With the addition of our datacron Chronicles, written by several members of the community, we are at 30 pages. I’m thinking this year is going to be the largest one we’ve done – I estimate around 75. For […]

Community – 2013 Yearbook Roster Information and you!

Hey folks, It’s that time again! To make things a little easier I will be asking everyone in the community to fill one of these questionnaires out . Please hit the new link at the top of the website and fill one out! It will ask you for 4 pictures – a RL headshot, 1 […]

Zergadins 2013 Yearbook – Call out!

So I’ve been working away in my spare time building this years yearbook. I have the Gallery section completed and have started reviewing all of the articles on the website to pick out the ones that make the most sense in the book. While it’s awesome to have a few pieces of website history in […]