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Blarghing – Warcrimes

I just finished listening to the audiobook, Warcrimes, detailing the trial of Drannosh and his eventual escape. I’m …damn near compelled to play again. Pages upon pages could be written for or against that statement, but WoW Zergadins will see Blarghe (probably healing, that dumb pally can tank) playing on launch. Others will show for […]

Blarghing – I am….stuck. An old gamer journey.

First off, sorry Dave, no image. Second, my “fancy” new hand me down 5 year old pieced together from old work computer parts home theater / gaming PC runs Media Center great, but this is the first time I’ve tried to type on the keyboard I grabbed from work. OMG, nuke this thing. The spacebar […]

Blarghing – I fail at Murloc

For real. I started a Murloc deck, using a Warlock, got/crafted all the Murloc cards (every one of them) and don’t win matches. The reason I made the deck was because every time I encountered a Murloc deck on one of my other decks, I got stomped. *Every time*. Probably 0/4 or 0/5. Now, I […]

Blarghing – Like I needed another game…Epic Lewts!

Just ran across this gem. I’m totally trying this one out, kinda seems like a TF2 for RPGs. Cartoony and comical, and fun. Edit: I’m helping Blarghe remember that each post has to have at least 55 characters or it messes up the framework. So this little snippet here it to fill that quota. I […]

Blarghing: DAVE! Build me this, plskkthx NAOW. Dreamcade® Kegerator 60 The Dreamcade® Kegerator 60 has a huge 60” display. Features a built-in fridge and 3 taps with 2 built-in cup holders. Every Dream Arcade includes all the following titles, plus you can add even more: Atari® Game Pack Asteroids® Asteroids Deluxe® Battlezone® Black Widow™ Centipede® Crystal Castles® Gravitar® Liberator™ Lunar […]

Blarghing – The Blarghe’s has a console!

A couple days ago, we were given a free hand-me-down PS3, woooo. Apparently, my son had been allowed to watch his slightly older friends play various Call of Duty games on their PS3, so he pesters the hell out of us for Call of Duty anything (he had no idea which games, other than “zombies”) […]

Blarghing – Kildara does Hardcore

…YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, SICK BASTARDS. 🙂 Anyway, yup, I got her to make a HC monk. I made a WD, and twinked the heck out of the two chars. Long story short, she died at about 30, because we 1 shotted an Act3 level elite group of moltens. 4 explosions 1 shotted her. […]

Blarghing – Wizards can Hold the Line

I was very surprised, and out of breath, and terrified. At some point just before entering the Act 1 Halls of Agony, you go into some big graveyard and then into a castle/manor. As soon as you enter, about 2 dozen mobs attack. With some great luck, my 15 wiz managed to hold them off […]

Blarghing – How I met the General

It was a dark and stormy battlefield. “Sir!” Sergeant Hellwolf said. “Take Grokk and Chade with you to the left flank.” “It’ll be rough” Hellwolf said “I know. Use AOE tactics, and draw out the healers.” Blarghe said. “Grrrr…..yes, sir.” Hellwolf said. Blarghe grabbed Hellwolf by his arm as he was trotting away. “Keep it […]

Blarghing – MP10 Hardcore Self Found

I was plugging away on my MP10 HC monk, at level 34, and realized he was pretty far behind the stats that my other HC MP10 chars had at that level (yes, I have a spreadsheet, I keep track :)) Oddly enough, I found myself not interested in dropping big bucks again on the AH […]