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Story Time with Grokk – Venom, Greatest Character Ever

Venom is the greatest character ever created in the entire Comic book universe, including DC.   That’s my opinion, and I have debated to the death with people why I believe that.   Venom is an entity that was introduced to the Spider-Man universe in The Secret Wars Issue#8. He was originally designed to be […]

WoW – The Troops

Ascending the shrine of Two Moons, Serawk paused to take in the view.  Pandaria was a sight to behold, and a terror to experience. The natives cherished balance as a cornerstone of their culture and the old Druid had witnessed this balance first hand over the past few days.  From a shipwreck on the shores […]

WoW – Answering the Call

General Dawnstar watched the sun sink beneath the waters of Orgrimmar Harbor as his new officer, Rivendare, rode up beside him. The pair were polar opposites.  Dawnstar was an Paladin. A proud and headstrong wielder of Light.  Rivendare was humble.  Bearing the curse of undeath, and wielding powers of the grave.   His dark gifts […]

Once more, and always…

Dusk “It’s a cold evening for this, General,” Zyley spoke quietly. “Aye,” replied Panzer, an uncharacteristically short answer for the Zergadin General. The pair of old comrades sat upon their War Steeds. The hoofed beasts radiated a crimson light. Majestic and menacing, the pair rode toward their goal. “Good Evening, Chromie,” chatted General Dawnstar. “Oh, […]

A visit with the new Doctor…  (Theme music!! Because I can!) Undercity, a few weeks after Mid-Summer festival… As Blarghe rode up through the entrance to Lordaeron a chill ran up his spine. He never liked this place, and he certainly didn’t enjoy the stench. As he rode down the elevator, he reviewed his assignment given to him by […]

STWG – Prometheus

Alright, so I went and saw Prometheus at the Midnight showing and was super excited about it. It was just fantastic to me. Then I started to read some reviews for it, and thought to myself, “Did I see the same movie?” Some of the issues people had with it were just… mind boggling. The […]

Dr. Grokk: An investigative report on MMO’s

Hey there everyone, Panzer told me that when all was said and done I should post the results of my research for my Psych class. I’m proud to say that the results are in and you all failed! yay! Anyways, I did my research on the topic of “Positive Vs. Negative Effects of MMO Gaming”. […]

STWG: The Man Code…man.

  GREETINGS SIMPLETONS!   IT IS I, DR. GROKK JAMES SMASH! I HAVE STOLEN FORUM POST FROM JARED IN ORDER TO PROPERLY CONV…CUNVE…I TELL YOU IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!   Today we talk about THE MAN CODE.   People think, “Oh Grokk, I know what man code is… I’ve had a penis and testicles for a while […]

SWTG: Vise Visits grokk in the US (pt 2)

  Having awoken from our previous night of mass alcohol drinking, I received a text from Vise at around 10 am which said, “So I take it thats a no then” frantically I searched my memories of the prior night to what I might have said or agreed to, and came up with nothing, so […]

STWG: Vise Visits grokk in the US (pt 1)

  So Vise recently flew down to visit us in the US to see the sights and drink the beers.   Today, I tell you the tale of his visit.   It all started on the 30th of September, when my girlfriend Paula and her roommate picked him up from the airport. After I got […]