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Transmog of the Week

General Panzer Dawnstar.  No other Blood Elf strikes fear into the heart of the Alliance as the stalwart Leader of the Zergadins.  From Outland to Northrend, and even to the Elemental Plane of Fire, the General rallies his troops onto victory! For many years the General has had to cobble together the most powerful armors […]

Transmog of the Week – Fapping Fappers

If you haven’t met Menphis, then my friend you are missing out! Her Tmog choice pretty much sums up this Fappers outlook on WoW. She has chosen a Rogue Bloodfang Recolour for her Boomkin druid.  What the Fapping Fap is that all about? If you want this set, you’ll have to brave the Outland dungeons […]

Transmog of the Week – Undeadchade

Let’s take a look at this T-Mog ensemble put together by Undeadchade. It’s an Absolution redo with Head and Shoulders.   You can get this look by traversing the Black Temple and Battle for Mt. Hyjal lvl 70 Raids. This set is in high demand for Priests and is considered by many to be the best […]