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Achievement Whoring: The end of a Cataclysm

With a little more then two weeks until the next new expansion comes to change everything that we know and love about the world of Warcraft. Everyone has to sit back and ask themselves; “what do you want to do with your last couple days in the current content?” Everyone has little things that they […]

Achievement Whoring: Confessions of a whore

As I stood atop the frozen Peaks of the Stormpeak Mountains, fighting the bitter cold, I found myself wondering if this magical beast actually existed. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake. If the legends were true then this amazing beast could surely be mine! I have been waiting here now for a whole 7 years. I stayed in […]

Achievement whoring: Where to solicit next?

Adding a new blog to our list of current blogs. Seeing as we have so much content on achievement grinding at the moment we should have a section on the site to reflect that. Calindril should love this one. As it stands right now we have taken everything we can out of in Ice Crown […]

Achievement Whoring: Bonestorm! final plunge into the frozen depths.

This is it ladies and gentlemen! The final Ice Crown Citadel run. It has been a long few months inside this instance, but I feel it has really brought a lot of the community together and has been a pleasant experience all around. These runs have made us a little more known on the Dragonmaw […]

Achievement Whoring: The Zergadins Own Shadowmorne!

“Shadowmourne… A great two-handed axe fit for a giant, born of sacred and corrupt powers, host of a thousand dead souls and able to be wielded only by the most stalwart armsmasters of Azeroth. Its creation seems nearly impossible; and yet, the rumors do not cease. Who is to say that the Lich King wouldn’t […]