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WoW – Fast Raid Progression

Whelp, it’s been 3 weeks since we started raiding again and I’m absolutely thrilled with our rapid progress. I finally got around to updating up kills shot gallery with our new Tectus and Twin Orgon screenshots and we’re looking at our 6th new boss kill next week and I feel we have a good shot […]

WoW – We’re back, 3 Bosses in Normal Bloodmaul down!

Last night we managed to pull together a fairly successful raid in my book! In an hour and 30 minutes we managed to clear the first three bosses in normal Highmaul! This was the first real raid in almost two years for our team so it was really exciting to see everyone in a group […]

WoW – Warlords Raiding and you

Let me start by Blaming Hellwolf for this. His tactic to toss the GM title back on me obviously worked because I want to get us rolling again in the raid scene. I’m not interested in doing a 7 day a week push, however I would like to see us get our feet wet and […]

Guide – Garrisons and you!

Darkmuscles presents – Guides to Garrisons! Garrisons are awesome, but what buildings are best for your playstyle can be a little confusing at first. So I have decided to ease the minds of those who don’t know what to do with them by listing what my thoughts are on each of the buildings and why […]

WoW – Will Bolvar Return to fight the Legion?

I’m call’n right now it. The Legion shows up and tries to to activate the most powerful weapon they have created, THE LICH KING! The Lich kindgis going to return mark my words! It all makes perfect sense … Of course the next expansion will be Burning Legion, a blind man can see it coming. […]

WoW – What would you mount!?

So I was sitting around checking out my fancy Sky Golem mount that Brokenaces built for me when I came back (Thank you). I was looking at how unique the mount was and decided to flip open my pet journal to see what other crazy mounts I’ve gathered over the years. I sit around 120 […]

WoW – I miss Vanilla Alterac Valley

When I talk about Vanilla Alterac Valley, I mean AV as it was back then before all the cuts and changed made to it. I have never been huge on PvP, but i have never been afraid of checking it out here and there. During Cataclysm I spent may many hours trying to farm all […]

WoW – Siege of Ogrimaar for 8 more months!

Patch 5.4 which contained Siege of Orgrimmar was initially released September 9th, 2013. With the announcement of Pre-Orders and the more likely potential of a Fall release over the hoped summer or spring release of Warlords of Draenor, it looks like we could be looking at 12 months (September 2014) or more of SoO. Members […]

Wow – *RANT* I hate the Timeless Isle

I’ve been playing wow for 10 years on and off. I don’t play it so I can establish my own structure, if i wanted to do that id play skyrim or other similar games. The thing I always liked about wow was there was structure there if you wanted it. there is also unstructured content […]

Wow – Legendary Cloaks for all!

When I quit playing everyone was working at their legendary quest chain to get themselves a fancy gem. This gem would only fit inside Blizzard-approved weapons that were really only accessible in the latest tier of raiding. I literally had no interest in this what-so-ever as it seemed like alot of work for very little […]