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The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki – Episode 9 (Rag Moppets)

“Come on guys she’s probably already waiting on us in the cantina.” Mattman prodded his team through an underground Imperial base on Hoth. His team consisted of Dredge and Newo, the outlaw lovers on the run from the law; the infamous sorcerer Walterodim; and an inexperienced young Zergadin sniper named Phazer Lamperouge. Mattman Starbanger had […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: The Search for the Dahaki – Episode 8 (Fit Bird)

The coordinates were set for the Imperial Fleet, the hyperspace travel would allow just enough time to evaluate the casualty list. “What’s the Sit-rep,” barked out the General in his half-cocked pose that posed him in a legendary light as if he was more than a mere mortal. Quick to answer Sussanah began to list […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki – Episode 7 (Snakes in the Grass)

A small dropship descended from the skies and scattered the Tattooine desert dust in all directions. The ship was adorned with the logo of the Zergadin’s across its hull. As it touched ground a ramp protruded from it’s base. Among the dust and steam that bellowed from the ship Beylyssa made out two figures. She […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles : Search for the Dahaki – Episode 6 – Check your Shorts

“Very well Quinn, it is all going according to plan.” The shadowy figure explained across the holocom. “I’m on my way to meet with my new apprentice on Hoth, He has my prize waiting for me.” “Is it time to extinguish the irritation that is this motley crue my lord?” Quinn questioned the palm held […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 5(Frogdogs Win)]

Cheers were echoing, the floors were vibrating, and Azhi’s heart was pounding in his chest. The Huttball game was about to start and the atmosphere was electric, almost as though the stadium itself was alive. A win here would secure a playoff berth for the Frogdogs for the first time in three years. Baron Deathmark […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 4 (Jail Break)]

Adseg, Nephalem, Walterodim, Ghreen, and Mattman all stood there arguing over what the next move would be. They all knew the goal was to get off the prison ship, but each one had a different plan on how to accomplish the goal. Walterodim suggested that they climb to the highest point of the ship and […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 3 (Paartharnox)]

“I’m telling you it’ll work!” Walt said, attempting to convince Nephelem of his scheme. “Walt, the sick prisoner routine isn’t necessary, we have a man on the inside.” “We do?” questioned Walt. “Is it your boy Khem Val? No… wait, Asharaa… I always did like her.” “Did you see the markings on the ship on […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 2 (the Banger Cometh)]

“I shit you not! He was flying in a purple haze, and erupting with lightning bolts from all extremity’s. If we hadn’t got the head’s up from those Trandoshan mercenaries we would have fallen prey to the same fate as the rest of the poor souls.” screamed a panicky cartel thug. “Look Chea, if you […]

Community : Zergadins Year End Review and Forecast 2012

I’m two months behind on my “State of the Guild” year end recap. You can find my last one here, to realize how far we have come as a community. In June 2012 we were at a cross roads of our community. Since then we have been reworked and rebuilt ourselves into true Zergadins. We […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 1(In the Jailhouse Now)]

A loud buzzer sounded to signal the opening of the cell block door. Metal bars clanked together as the door was quickly shut behind two Zergadins. Walter O. Dim, the dark sorcerer known for his jovial spirit and not-give-a-fuck attitude, stood there with his Partner in crime Nephalem Quintanilla Perez. The two entered the prison […]