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Swtor – What is the SSSP? I think I may know…

Well, I may not have any real idea, I know what it certainly looks like! SWTOR Super Secret Space Project SSSP is not so secret anymore with the release of a teaser video from the Seattle Cantina Tour tonight. I am not giving my hopes up this just yet. I still want to see more […]

Swtor – Test Server Patch Notes: Game Update 2.4

Late yesterday afternoon Amber Green dropped some new Public Test Server patch notes on us.  Just going through the notes, it seems that 2.4 is really substantial and there sure seems to be some nice, juicy stuff in these patch note updates.  Have a look: Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Game Update 2.4: The Dread […]

SWTOR : NiM Explosive Conflict

Like the true Zergadin Matt is, he decided to run EC NiM last night instead of his regular Monster Mash. Somehow I lead the run, go figure right? Overall it was a great success. The Zergs never attempted NiM EC when it was current, because we get paid by the hour. Last night we had […]

They do the Monster Mash

The Thursday night Monster Mashes have been a smash hit. We have been farming The Golden Fury on Makeb. Just about every world boss in the galaxy has fallen prey to the elite team of Zergadins who call themselves Monster Mashers. But we have killed so much stuff, that we’ve actually gotten bored with all […]

SWTOR : Ops Leader Wanted

Good Morning Zergs! Our Ops attendance has been rocky the last few weeks. I’m going to attribute this to the roller coaster scheduling caused by my off days. To remedy this we are going to need a committed Operations leader to take the reigns of Zergadin Ops on Vaiken Spacedock. I would like to see […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki – Episode 9 (Rag Moppets)

“Come on guys she’s probably already waiting on us in the cantina.” Mattman prodded his team through an underground Imperial base on Hoth. His team consisted of Dredge and Newo, the outlaw lovers on the run from the law; the infamous sorcerer Walterodim; and an inexperienced young Zergadin sniper named Phazer Lamperouge. Mattman Starbanger had […]

Swtor – TFB Kephess Hardmode Down!

.. and this time we broke his pretty little face! I can’t help but feel like I’ve done a similar post a few months ago…. isn’t that weird? Well this time it’s for a level 55 version of this boss… oye. Congratulations to everyone involved and a big grats to Islapu a new comer to […]

SWTOR – Dread Master Styrak Down for the count!

I may not have been there personally, but I think I was there in spirit. With an impromptu 16 man raid team assembled – our rag tag team of misfits we charged head first into the operation Scum and villainy. Several newer faces joined us while our veterans guided them and After several hours the team […]

Swtor – Monster Mash 2013

“All right Boys, We’re getting Lucky.” Mattman successfully organized his first Monster Hunt with a rousing success! Kailee, Phazer, Sidainous, Ahka, Mattmantula, Panzer, Hiquie and a special guest appearance by Bonzai lite up or Ventrilo for this very productive romp through several Swtor locations. It began with a call from Mattman for everyone to head […]

Swtor – Mattman’s Monster Hunt

Attention Zergadins! The Starbanger himself will be leading a hunt for some of the most ferocious monsters in the galaxy. Starting this Thursday May 2nd I will be forming an ops group tasked with hunting down world bosses, dreadseeded enemies, and any other nasty vermin with a big enough bounty on it’s head. First on […]