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Minecraft – Calindril Hosting a new server!

After a short series of spam emails to our community from me; Calindril, long time WoW player, has offered a new server for our group to play around on. Being a private server I wasn’t going to spam the IP address here, unless of course Calindril was okay with it, so if you would like […]

Minecraft – Where to now?

I took a look at the activity on the Minecraft server recently… It has become pretty barren and devoid of life. While I understand that all games roll in cycles and perhaps Minecraft has run its for the time being – I wanted to touch base with the community to see if there were some […]

Minecraft – Redstone Update Coming Next Week

The Redstone Update is a planned major update labeled as 1.5. Among the main changes are a number of new redstone-related blocks, including the Comparator, Hopper, Dropper, Daylight Sensor, Trapped Chest, Weighted Pressure Plates and Block of Redstone. A new decorative block – Block of Quartz, crafted from Nether Quartz, was also added. Also included […]

Minecraft – Server downtime!

Minecraft server downtime! Just got this email in my box this morning from our host: “We’d like to inform you about a scheduled maintenance window that will be taking place tonight at 12AM (EST) this window is designed to improve the back-end architecture of our web-cluster and it’s SQL servers. This window includes a potential […]

Minecraft – To OP or not to OP?

I had a conversation with Grokk the day we brought the server up regarding OP (or operator) access. Basically with Operator access you get the ability to spawn any materials you want and just go to town building whatever you please. While this that this will also allow for some pretty insane building projects – […]

Minecraft – It returns from the brink of doom!

I did some review on our Zergadins budget. Yes, you heard right… I keep a small set accounting books for all this! After looking over everything; it seems that we are overfunding our Ventrilo server. “How did this happen, Panzer?! Aren’t you supposed to be some big shot account/manager?!” Well… Back in the later Days […]

Minecraft – Land Grab Event!

With the restart of our Minecraft server hosted by Darkmuscles… our mine craft overlord. Darkmuscles has made the call to restart our old server and begin a fresh new one! What does that mean for our minecraft friends? Well, I’m glad you asked! Basically it means a brand new world to landscape… everything is up […]

Minecraft: The server is back to life!

You read the post title correctly. Darkmuscles, our minecraft overlord, has completed work on the new minecraft server! For all you players out there that are ready to re-dawn your mining hats simply contact darkmuscles at to get the IP address. Let’s see what amazing works of lego-style art we can build this time […]

Zergadins Minecraft Server LIVE! … wait what? It’s not?

Latest news from our Overlord of the minecraft server: March 23/2012 – Server Status: As you all know, I recently bought a house. It was/is a money and time leaching experience. I’m sure you have all noticed I have been a less than apparent part of the community as of late, almost as if the […]

The Mine of Worldcraft

I’m actually surprised it took this long for someone to put WoW in Minecraft. Possibly the two biggest titles in PC gaming right now are Minecraft and the still-popular juggernaut of World of Warcraft. Both are massively multiplayer games (or at least Minecraft can be), and both involve exploring a huge world and encountering creatures. […]