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I know what we did last night…

What a glorious night of raiding we had last night, folks!   Being the first night for patch 4.3, we bravely and blindly dove in to see what the new raid content had to offer. We spent a grand total of 3 hours inside the bowels of the beast and came out with two new […]

Authenticators and Gnomes

Gnomeganker was asking about Authenticator questions last night during the raid. I thought I’d add this to the discussion. RECORD THE SERIAL NUMBER AND YOUR RESTORE CODE! Why? Because when you update your iPhone software you lose your authenticator info… and you have to contact Blizz.. blah blah blah… ugh.

New instances for WoW 4.3

Ok so I jumped on and ran my first instance. You have two random bosses then Mozurndo or whatever the dragon name is. We wiped on each of teh first bosses once then 1 shotted the boss barely. The trash hits hard. We did no CC on the first two boss trash but on the […]

Mooyou talks SWTOR beta

Bleh. It was a rough weekend for me to Beta and do much else as I had a lock-in with the kids on Sat which meant I slept most of Sunday to recover. And of course then I got this frakkin cold which put me out of commission almost all day on Monday. My experiences: […]

Official Zergadins SWTOR Guild Information

Some unnamed forces have gotten into contact with me and have been asking about a plan for the guild in SWTOR, and informed me that I should make an official post regarding the plan. Since Panzer might be a while in joining I’ve taken up the reigns for creating and planning out events for the […]

Game of Thrones

So I’m not sure how many of you either have HBO, have seen HBO shows, or have access to some….unsavory piratical methods of procuring television shows on your computer, but if by some chance you have one of these tools you should definitely check out the series. Game of Thrones is a book series that […]

Spartacus: Vengeance

Those of you who flavored the Spartacus TV series franchise last year through this January must know how hard it is, waiting for the next season! Spartacus Season 3 is going to come to TV screens in January 2012. There is a lot of debate whether the Spartacus Season 3 is actually Season 2 with […]

Game Review: Rusty Hearts (F2P)

Rusty Hearts came across my computer while I was looking for “newer” games to try on my fancy new laptop. The previews and reviews online described how the game took us back to the glory days of Double Dragon, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage. Being a fan of old-school smash-em’-up games (and being old….) […]

Space Marine

Sooo…. my SO is playing this, and I have to admit it looks pretty sweet… last night he let me play with his joystick and see what the fuss was all about… Except for the fact that apparently I am a “spray and pray” kind of girl, I didn’t do too badly. (snicker) You’re this […]

DC Universe goes F2P!

Sony announced that MMO DC Online Universe will become free-to-play in October on PlayStation 3 and PC. The decision to release the game free to the public was not due to a decline in subscribers, but rather the game cost more to develop than anticipated. “In terms of ‘Is it a result in a drop […]