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Super Mario Bros. X

“One of the finest Mario fan-games out there !” Chances are, you’re a fan of Mario. You’ve probably played every Mario game you could get your hands on. That means you’ve probably played the thousands of Mario fan-games on the internet, for better or worse, mostly worse. The vast majority of the time, they are […]

Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes

I am by no means a regular when it comes to fan-made games. I don’t peruse forums looking for the newest Super mario remake or Megaman hack, and I very rarely stray outside of my selected favorites when it comes to the SNES, but when I heard that there was a sequel to Chrono Trigger, […]

Game Review: Limbo

“Steam’s description: “Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO…”That’s all it says. This “LIMBO”, based on the pictures displayed by Steam, is a mono chromatic 2.5 dimensional world hostile to anyone who chooses to enter. How exactly did this boy enter this world? You’d think you’d learn this early on, even in a […]

The Mine of Worldcraft

I’m actually surprised it took this long for someone to put WoW in Minecraft. Possibly the two biggest titles in PC gaming right now are Minecraft and the still-popular juggernaut of World of Warcraft. Both are massively multiplayer games (or at least Minecraft can be), and both involve exploring a huge world and encountering creatures. […]

Minecraft 1.8 This Week

With the recent server change for Deaths Desires and the rush to reestablish the guild, Minecraft gaming has declined. This is perfectly fine, honestly, as it’s not meant to replace WoW but more supplement it. This still can be a little frustrating for those who manage to get on every day and still somehow miss […]

Bethesda VS. Mojang

In case you aren’t privy, recently Bethesda, maker of the Elder Scrolls series, decided to open a law suit against Mojang, the creators of Minecraft, over the word ‘Scrolls’. Mojang had chosen to use the word ‘Scrolls’ in an upcoming game and it didn’t occur to them that it could even be considered as close […]

Minecraft Creator Gives Away Games

Some where in the Netherlands, a very nervous game developer works anxiously to handle last minute details for one of the most important days of his life. Mine craft release day? Nope, his WEDDING DAY! Our determined java programmer Notch and his beautiful concubine Ez tie the knot today in what I am sure will […]

Zergadins a guild on TOR Servers!

The Topic says it all! The Zergadins now have a pre-launch guild on SWTOR! Come sign up now and lead your support! “You don’t have to wait until launch to create or join a guild in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. With our three-phased Pre-Launch Guild Program, you have the opportunity to find a group […]

SWTOR: is it for us?

With wow burn out slowly taking hold of our community, many look to other places to fill their video gaming needs. Star Wars: The Old Republic seems offer what a lot of players are considering the perfect answer. With a flawless blend of what World of Warcraft has managed to layout as the standard and […]

New Paladin Talent Break Down

  The new talents for Paladins in 5.0 bring a lot of questions to the table. The following is a discussion and personal view of how each Paladin Spec could benefit from each Talent available. I’ll follow up each talent with a rating, out of 3, on how useful it would be for each spec […]