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New Paladin Talent Break Down

  The new talents for Paladins in 5.0 bring a lot of questions to the table. The following is a discussion and personal view of how each Paladin Spec could benefit from each Talent available. I’ll follow up each talent with a rating, out of 3, on how useful it would be for each spec […]

4.3 – Your Alt wants epics too!

Transmogrification Play dress up! Void Storage Moar Space! New Hour of Twilight 5-Man Dungeons These dungeons Can be run at ilvl 353, but I recommended ilvl 359. How do you get ilvl 359 gear for that alt you want to add to our roster of raid ready classes? The answer: Lawyers, Guns and Money. The […]

Tier 13 Set bonuses

  Please keep in mind that the below data is pre–PTR and could change prior to the release of patch 4.3.   Death Knight   Blood, 2P — When an attack drops your health below 35%, one of your Blood Runes will immediately activate and convert into a Death Rune for the next 20 sec. […]

Here we go again!

  As everyone knows, with last Tuesdays hot fixes, the firelands content has been severely nerfed. Blizzard thought process with this was to allow us a chance to experience the content before releasing 4.3, the Final content patch which will include Deathwing.   With this new change, I would like us to take another serious […]

The price of Progression

  Prog-ress noun \’pra-gras, -,gres, US also & British usually ‘pro-,gres\   1 a(1) : A royal journey marked by pomp and pageant (2) : a state procession   b : a tour or circuit made ban an official (as a judge)   c : an expedition, journey, or march through a region   2 […]

Zergadins: The Trading Card Game!

  Alright folks, I was on the fence about how to handle this new up and coming project I figured we could have some fun with. My next over the top idea was to creating Zergadins “trading cards” similar to those magic, Yu-gi-oh, and Pokemon cards that the kids have been going nuts over for […]

The Zergadins Want YOU!

So Sue ME!  Zergadins have arrived on Dragonmaw. We recently transferred to Dragonmaw from Uther (Deaths Desires) and appreciate the vibrant atmosphere of this server. We are a very social/funloving group who also embrace all that PVE and PVP have to offer.  We are currently looking for raiders to fill out our 10 man teams. […]

Congratulations you’ve chosen to be a Paladin

So you decided to roll the best class in the game. Congratulations you’ve chosen to be a Paladin. There are 85 levels of awesome out there to explore and ‘judge.’ Take your time and experience everything this game has to offer.Ding! Level 85. You’ve hit the endgame, and you’ve got the awesome hair and sparkles […]

Healing Baleroc

Here is my idea I have had as I was reading different sites about this fight. 1) The initial tank healing up to the decimation blade is fairly manageable. 2) getting stacks is the key. Once you have about 50-60 stacks you should be set to heal the rest of the fight. 3} Our biggest […]

Rated Battlegrounds

  I was informed recently that there was a group looking to do some rated BG’s, and after discussing it with some people, thought to offer myself up to lead a group.   Upon further discussing of the logistics of such an endeavor, I also managed to concoct a list of certain requirements and understandings […]