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How do you feel about patch 4.3?

So does anyone really realize how epic the final boss of Dragon soul actually is? Regardless if you are doing it in the LFR or one of our 10 man weekly runs, odds are you have had the privilege of attempting Deathwing. We literally pried the Scales off of the back of a dragon so […]

Transmog of the Week – Fapping Fappers

If you haven’t met Menphis, then my friend you are missing out! Her Tmog choice pretty much sums up this Fappers outlook on WoW. She has chosen a Rogue Bloodfang Recolour for her Boomkin druid.  What the Fapping Fap is that all about? If you want this set, you’ll have to brave the Outland dungeons […]

Pre Raid Mana Buffs – Champagne

So what’s the big deal about it?  Here’s a link for the technical stuff, but I”ll just give you the high points and important info you need. The big deal is that to make true Champagne, which only comes from the Champagne region of France, it takes time.  It takes time, effort, and love. At […]

Bodyguards – Class 201: Kolto Missile

P’anzer – “What is that Zyley?” Zyley – “This?  It’s my Kolto Missile.” P’anzer – “Is that code for something?” Zyley – “No.  Its a Level 20 Bodyguard Talent.” P’anzer – “What is that goo you are injecting into your ‘missile’ ?’ Zyley – “That’s the Kolto.  It vaporizes after I shoot it at you.” […]

My computer won’t play SWTOR because it sucks!

Yes, I am one of those people that has a computer that isn’t exactly “up to snuff”. No, I’m not talking about my home laptop; I’m talking about my work computer! After a long chat with Blarghe yesterday I decided to see if I had the spare parts around the office to get a SWTOR […]

Pre-Raid Mana Buffs

Have you ever ordered a Bourbon and Coke from a bar? When asked what type of Bourbon you wanted you said; “Crown Royal.” You my friend have made a serious mistake. I hope to shed a little light on the subject of Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon tonight. If you didn’t realize my first Mana Buff […]

Bodyguards – Medics with Guns!

Zyley – “I’m here to protect you.” P’anzer – “Then why are you pointing those blasters square at my temple?” Zyley – “Trust me, I know exactly what I’m doing.” P’anzer – “I have a bad feeling about this…” Heavy Armor, Twin Blasters, and Kolto Missles.   Bounty Hunter Bodyguards demand respect.  How do you earn […]

HALP!!! ~ Solving the Mystery That Is SWTOR

As I said to Panz yesterday, “The good news about SWTOR is that it’s similar to WoW in so many ways. The bad news about SWTOR is that it’s different from WoW in SO MANY WAYS!” So, to aid in the culture shock, and being that “Knowledge is Power”, I thought I’d start a list […]

Grokk wins The Great Hunt!

Yes yes, it was a long and very difficult challenge, but I finally managed to complete my final bounty. I hunted rebellious Sith warriors, rogue Alderaanian lords, a Master Assassin, a slippery Scoundrel and finally, a Master Jedi and his Apprentice. Each fight proved to be more difficult to find my target, and with constant […]

Things everyone should know but doesn’t in SWTOR!

Figured I would start this topic and see if anyone can add to it. There are a bunch of little things that make life so much easier in this game that is never really fully described to you, like most mmos. So here is my list of things that everyone should know that is playing […]