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Episode I 3D Special Event Screenings at AMC Theatres

The first chapter of the Star Wars Saga arrives in theatres for the first time ever in 3D starting February 10, and AMC® theatres across the country are celebrating the occasion with plans to make opening weekend one for fans and families to remember! To mark the return of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom […]

Pre-Raid Mana Buffs

Have you ever had a amazing Margarita?  Have you ever ordered a dessert that was just too good for words?  Chances are there was a shared ingredient that made both of those choices out of this world.  Grand Marnier.  Pronounced Ma – hn – yay. Grand Marnier was created in 1880 by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle.  It […]

BH Medic Class 301

P’anzer – You just hit level 40 Zyley? Zyley – *Shoots Kolto at P’anzer’s Face* P’anzer – That doesn’t hurt, it feels good. Zyley – Exactly… Gather up Grunts, it’s time I smacked you into reality.  This game is new.  Brand spanking new.  That means medics get the leveling shaft.  Here’s the breakdown. Levels 1 […]

Heroic Morchok

The Zergadins continue to thrash their way through Dragon Soul! Heroic Morchok was the target last night and heroic Morchok is the boss that was reduced to a smoldering pile of broken rock after our ten man raid group was finished with him. After a quick Baradin hold and a mere hour and half after […]

Grokk Pharmaceuticals: We help you smash better ™

GREETINGS BROTHERS AND SISTERS! The great minds at Grokk Pharmaceuticals have come up with a new line of stims, adrenals and implants to help give you that extra edge in battle. The Imperial army commands that you take every precaution when going into battle against the Republic. STIMS ARE REQUIRED COMRADE! Go here and see […]

Pre-Raid Mana Buffs

Tequila, the walk-of-shame drink of choice for many coeds across the globe.  Despite it’s relatively mixed public reception, Tequila has one of the richest histories of all the alcohols in the world. One of the more interesting facts about Tequila, is that it can only come from one particular area of Mexico, near the village […]

New Updates to SWTOR Coming sooooon!

With a lot more people hitting 50 and hitting up all the end game content, Bioware has wasted no time in releasing more new content for level 50 players to tackle, as well as new players and alts.   First and foremost: they’ve already cranked out a new raid and are working on the […]

Transmog of the Week

General Panzer Dawnstar.  No other Blood Elf strikes fear into the heart of the Alliance as the stalwart Leader of the Zergadins.  From Outland to Northrend, and even to the Elemental Plane of Fire, the General rallies his troops onto victory! For many years the General has had to cobble together the most powerful armors […]

Why I like Flashpoints (or, why I hate Space Missions)

For me as an ex-WoW player (and Rift), dungeons were pretty much standard “5” person affairs… tank/healer/3 dps… and spending forever trying to get a tank and/or healer kinda sucked.  Bioware offers a little bit of a different take on your standard dungeon, opting instead to label them “Flashpoints” and making them 4 -man affairs. […]

Zergadins Break deathwing! … for REAL this time!

You heard it here folks! We finally brought Deathwing, the king of Cataclysm, down to a watery death beneath the shores of Azeroth! After a full hour of hopeless wipes and total despair – something magically clicked with our little ten man group and we finally took the massively mutated Dragon beast out. This marks […]