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Pre-Raid Mana Buffs

Ahh yes, the Iconic Martini! Made famous by James Bond and Carrie Bradshaw. You can drink them straight, on the rocks, gibson, shaken, stirred and everything in between. The Martini has come along way since the prohibition era when it first entered the scene. Lets unfold the history of one of America’s first cocktails. When […]

SWTOR instance runs on 1/9 and 1/12!

Hey guys! We’ll be running people through lower level instance runs tonight and thursday night! For more details and discussion head to the forums!

You Talkin’ To Me?

Runs with scissors..and doesn’t play well with others.  Ever see that on your report card when you were a kid?  I know I did.  Well if that describes you and your play style, the Star Wars Social Points system is going to try to change your mind. Yeah, you have your companion, and you’re thinking […]

WTF is a Datacron?

I’m glad you asked! Because I sure as hell didnt know until about a week ago… See, I accidentally found my first one on my sith warrior on the beta… but I didnt quite realize just what exactly I had found at the time. Upon a little research, I’ve discovered just how important these things are. Datacrons […]

Pre-Raid Mana Buffs

New Year’s Edition!!!!! Vodka + Red Bull = Fuel for Super Heroes! One of the world’s most consumed alcohols combined with an elixir of energy is a winning combination.  If you haven’t had the pleasure to enjoy said flask of fortitude you can follow these simple instructions. Take 1 part Vodka, I recommend Ketel One, […]

Bounty Hunter Healing: Bodyguards!

So upon reaching level 50 I decided to mess around with the Mercenary Healing tree, Bodyguard. It’s a blast! It seems to play a lot like a Holy Paladin in that you have heavy armor, cast time direct heals with only one HoT (A talent you take adds a HoT to one of your heals) […]