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Who is your Arch-Nemesis?

“There we stood – nose to nose with the most destructive force ever to cross the plains of Azeroth, Deathwing the Destroyer. The giant fiery dragon managed to torch most of us while we leveled our new goblin toons and now it was time for revenge. Panzer, the stalwart leader of our group, grabbed his […]

36 Shadowfrost Shard and a dead heroic Lich King!

Another week has past and another round of Shadowfrost shards has been inserted into wherever the hell Hellwolf puts them! This week, in order to add a little bit of a spin to the run, the group decided at 10:00 pm to keep the Heroic mode going as we charged head first into the dreaded […]

SWTOR: New 1.1.5 Patch Notes

Taken from Obviously none of this reflects changes being implemented now, but some of the changes definitely seem like they will be permanent. For instance: reduced cost of high end speeders until 1.2! I have no idea how much, but if it means I only have to farm 500-700k for my VIP speeder, thats ok with me! […]

SWTOR Daily Quests and Lvl 50 Gear

After a few weeks of bouncing around the galaxy I wanted to settle into the daily quest grind for Credits and Gear.  Now… Where the hell are the daily quests? I had resigned myself to just searching for them, but then I came across this well put together post on torhead and an even better […]

Pre Raid Mana Buffs

Mardi Gras. You. Are. Not. Prepared. By definition Mardi Gras is the time of decadence before the Catholic observance of Lent. Lent is the celebration of Christ’s time spent in the tomb and resurrection, which spans from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. 40 days. During those 40 days you are supposed to give up something […]

Eternity Vault Demolished by the Zergadins!

Unbelievable! With a thunderous roar and an epic flash of light – the final boss of Eternity Vault, Soa the Infernal One, was brought crashing to his knees. This marked the very first time out Star Wars the old republic chapter entered into the raid style of gameplay, and what a start it was! All […]

Twomoons – The Richest man in the Zergadins

Ladies and gentleman allow me to introduce the Zergadins latest member of the millionaire club: Twomoons the man with too much gold! Twomoons recently achieved the unbelievable (espcially to player like Mappy). He has managed to surpass the 1,000,000 gold mark. This begs the questions, has Blizzard literally given up on the inflation in Warcraft? […]

World of Warcraft IRON MAN Challenge issued to Calindril.

Just saw this on the WoW site and was completely in awe. I can only think of ONE player in the guild that would be crazy enough to tackle this… Calindril. Players across Azeroth have recently embraced a new, very personal achievement: leveling a character “Iron Man” style. What started out as only a small […]

Ultraxion finally killed on Heroic mode by the Zergadins!

So last week MAY have been a minor set back… Being that I MAY have been completely Hammered on the heroic Ultraxion encounter. However, we got a chance for a rematch last night… and that went a little better round one! Obviously I wouldn’t be writing this unless we kicked that son of a bitch […]

Mists’ Paladin Talent Redeaux

The new MoP talent and spells are up.  Diving back into the Paladin choices you can see alot of improvement over all and ther is much to be excited about.  Here is the link to my previous break down for a comparison of old to new. Level 15 Speed of Light – Increases your movement […]