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The Rakghoul event! SWTOR lamest idea… EVER!

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently in the grip of the Rakghoul plague. A new series of daily quests and hidden challenges have cropped up on Tatooine, where a crashed starship has contaminated the local fauna with the virus, which turns living beings into small, bald, angry monsters. UPDATE: Event will end […]

Zergadins 2012 Yearbook update!

So progress is going well with the yearbook and I wanted to let everyone know where we are sitting thus far! Currently the roster section hasn’t been asembled; however we have 41 Players bios almost ready and another expect 9 as soon as we can figure out what the star wars crew is doing. I’m […]

Join me… Together we can rule the Galaxy!

Some of the SWTOR Zergadins might not know what has recently been decided about the GM position.  Officially Grokk has asked me to take over the reigns for him.  School, Work, and Play have been consuming more time from his day than in previous months.  Filling the GM role of an MMO Guild is always […]

WoW and SWTOR: Worlds at War?

The following is a discussion and debate of both games.  Having two big franchises on the market is healthy, it forces developers to evolve and incorporate genre changing ideas faster. In part 1 we’ll go over Gameplay and Story. Gameplay The fluffy center of your cake, that’s what gameplay is.  The mechanics of an MMO […]

Pre Raid Mana Buffs

Its been too long since we buffed up people.  To get us rolling again I’ll start with a simple, yet little enjoyed elixer. Say hello to the Skinny Bitch. To make a Skinny Bitch take 1 1/2 oz. of Vodka, I like Ketel One, and mix with Diet Coke.  Much like a Vodka and Soda […]

Heal with Hate®

The last expac broke the World of Warcraft in every way possible. Out of the ashes of WotLK, came Cataclysm. Gone were the days of AoE burns and Tanking the entire dungeon. Crowd Control was king and Heroics were just that, Heroic. Blizz listened to the vocal minority of players and gave them what they […]

SWTOR: Patch 1.2 goes live TONIGHT!

Those of us that have been playing Star Wars: The Old republic have been patiently awaiting the latest game update, named “Legacy” for quite some time now.  In part because this new patch will offer up a new Warzone, a new Operation, a new Flashpoint, and some changes to the endgame equipment options.  But the […]

Gotham City Imposters – Not just another Shooter!

So another game has managed to catch my attention! I know, I know, how many games do I need to have on the go? Well this one all of you should totally understand why i would pick it up. Gotham City Imposters. Now let me be clear – There’s nothing especially original about Gotham City […]

Pre Raid Mana Buffs

Dr. Grokk Smash requested a drink to be featured. He called it a Sledgehammer. He mentioned the ingrediants, but what stuck with me was the Drambuie addtion to the cocktail. Before I get into the actual elixer, lets discuss what Drambuie is. Drambuie is an 80 proof liqueur made from whisky, honey, herbs, and spices. […]

Adapt or die: The evolution of a player in MMOs

“This boss is impossible. It simply cannot be done!” – “I can’t watch health bars and watch the ground at the SAME time!” – “How am I suppose to interrupt that ability AND jump?!” – “I’m Panzer.” How many times have you heard these lines to cover screw ups in ventrilo? How many times have […]