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In other breaking news – More WoW guild changes

With the rise of Overlord Mappy, many other changes are afoot within the ranks of the Zergadins. Since he no longer has his guild concerns to weigh him down, Panzer is pursuing his true calling… being a healer. We can all rejoice and be assured that we have another great healer filling our ranks. Its […]

Mappy taking over as head of Zergadins community!

It is my pleasure to announce that effective immediately Mappy has taken over as the Managing community leader of the Zergadins – OGC, April 1/2012. Prior to his current role, Mappy has held several leadership positions within our organization and was most recently the Managing raid lead for his own small 10 man team “mappy […]

Vengance/Vigilance DPS Compendium

Vengeance / Vigilance DPS Compendium Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 1.2 “Legacy” Note: Work in Progress Greetings and Welcome to my first Guide of the ‘Compendium’ type ever.  I am a frequent blogger and class guide creator in shorter, cheeker, form.  Those guides and blogs can be found at I’m not a Theorycrafter.  I […]

SWTOR: Community Q&A Friday Mar.30/2012: Game Update 1.2

Taken from: In this week’s Community Q&A we’ve searched out questions on Game Update 1.2, which is currently available to test on the Public Test Server, and coming to live servers soon. With so much new content and additions in Game Update 1.2, we found plenty of questions – and got you plenty of […]