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WoW and SWTOR: Worlds at War – Part 2

My first discussion comparing WoW and SWTOR went over Gameplay and Story.  This time we’ll ‘campfire’ over Game Age and Reasons to Keep Logging In. Game Age If WoW was an Aging Rock Star and SWTOR was the Hot New Rocker , it would go something like this: WoW has been rocking out for almost […]

Zergadins 2012 Yearbook: Voted most likely to ….

What would a yearbook be without the votes… Last year Rawry made headlines by being voted most likely to have sexual relations with a murlock. and who could forget Hellwolfs shocking 2nd place award as funniest guildie. Don’t be left out, take the time out to vote your favorites and allow them to win fabulous […]

2012 Zergadins Yearbook entries – LAST CALL.

Hey folks, Assembly of the yearbook will begin on June 1st. If you would like to be involved in the project with some artwork, writes ups or still have not filled out your bio please do so ASAP as I need to get started. If your not sure what I mean hit this link : […]

SWTOR – The No Pants Guild /Cheers!

I just hit level 9 on Drooga’s Barge, when i decided to hit up Daragon Trail to see if I could get an FP in. I got lucky! The No Pants Guild was running an Ops and I got the pleasure of joining. They had lofty goals of SM Denova, which they will no doubt […]

Pre-Patch 1.3 Survival Guide

We are stuck for the time being on a low populated SWTOR server.  Groups are hard to come by, the Galactic Market is barren, and for the love of Old Gods a Social Game just ain’t fun with no people! Here’s a short list of things to consider hunkering down for survival… Make Credits – […]

Decision Time

Our Daragon Trail server is not where the population is.  Visit and you will soon realize that we need to start disscussing where we need to go. Finding players like Walter and Waruda is amazing, but we need more than two to fill Ops groups.  The Galactic Market is tanking because no one is […]

Zyley Does D3

The Skeleton King has been Defeated, ON NORMAL!  RAWR!!! Our first official scheduled Guild D3 run went well this past weekend.  I was joined by Andrew, “Tos”‘ from SWTOR, and his friend Pete.  My female barbarian, I’m a sucker for red heads ;), carved a path of destruction for the Witch-Doctor and Deamon Hunter in […]

Grokk reviews Diablo 3

DISCLAIMER: I didnt much care for Diablo 1, and I thought Diablo 2 looked interesting but I wasn’t really blown away. With this out of the way: take this review with a grain of salt: I’m new the universe, and this is a review done by someone who is judging the game as a stand-alone. […]

Zergadins going Triple Platform???

Diablo 3 has arrived. 12 years after Diablo 2.  I hear it’s been consuming the time of many a Zergadin.  I was told last night “If you don’t need me, I’d like to get back to my Witch-Doctor!”  Of course I shuffled them off with a “Have fun,”  but it begs to question… Are we […]

SWTOR Patch 1.3 Preview

In the #1 official SWTOR Podcast Hosts Eric Musco and Brooks Guthrie interviewed Bioware Developers, Daniel Erickson and Damion Schubert.  I’ve ripped the important bits pertaining to Group Finder and Gearing.  The entire transcript can be found here. Eric: Speaking of systems that we are going to be able to iterate on, why don’t we […]