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SWTOR Lost Island HM 101

Screw attendance, let’s get down to business.  70% of students attempting this HM flashpoint will fail.  I’m here to weed that 70% from the LFG tool.  Ask yourself this.  Are you Zergadin enough to complete the hardest 4 man Flash Point in SWTOR?  If you’re not, GTFO of my lecture.  Better yet, GTF off my space station. Today’s […]

SWTOR DPS 101: Instructor S. Silverstrike

Settle down class, today we are discussing the Art of DPSing and how to Pull in general. By taking my class, it communicates your desire to seperate yourselves from the slack-jawed monkeys that populate most Group Finder teams after patch 1.3. Let’s get started /whiteboard Here we have a standard group of SWTOR Mobs. An […]

STWG – The Forsaken

Editor’s Note: Click the Link below the see the post in all it’s GROKK Glory! STWG Offical Forums Your welcome into the Forsaken starting zone is a lot more to the point than in Vanilla. There’s really something to be said for Blizzard’s intro quests in Cataclysm as all of them really do an excellent […]

2012 Zergadins Mid Year Review and Forecast

It’s been one hell of a first 6 months for the Zergdins.  2012 brought with it a focus on Dragon Soul Raiding and a new MMO, Star Wars the Old Republic.  Let’s not forget Diablo 3 Mania and the ever popular “Grokk’s Pic of the day” post on the Official Zergadins Forums.  Going back and […]

Patch 1.3 – The Phantom Update

Quietly a signal has been sent across space.  Patch 1.3 has arrived, ane with it the galaxy trembles.  Arriving too soon for some, too late for most, the end result is yet to be known. On the his Fury Class Starship, Desire, SAYBUR SILVERSTRIKE sits watching the communication blink across countless monitors.  The message is being relayed across the Holonet at […]


Zyley hasnt posted a drink special in a while, and I found this little gem while surfing the interwebs and thought I’d share. It’s called the Corpse Reviver No. 2!   I plan on making this one soon! Sounds interesting!

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Patch 1.3 – The Lone Wars

Time crawls forward for the Zergadins.  General DAWNSTAR’s galaxy wide quest has taken him far from the front lines of conflict.  SAYBUR SILVERSTRIKE has taken point during this period of lonely war. Patrolling seedy Cantinas and Back Alleys of the galaxy, SILVERSTRIKE undertakes missions some would call fruitless.  These missions are only a means to […]

STWG – Prometheus

Alright, so I went and saw Prometheus at the Midnight showing and was super excited about it. It was just fantastic to me. Then I started to read some reviews for it, and thought to myself, “Did I see the same movie?” Some of the issues people had with it were just… mind boggling. The […]

Patch 1.3 – The Zergadins Strike Back

After a period of never ending darkness the galaxy breaths a sigh of relief.  The population crisis across the Outer Rim and Core Worlds has been solved.  Thousands of refugees pour into both Republic and Empire space stations bolstering faction forces.  Arriving on the Bastion’s Vaiken Spacedock, the SILVERSTRIKE Legacy struggles to carve out a […]

Gnomeganker! /throwgauntlet

I CHALLENGE YOU! I’ve heard you are bored, and want a new MMO Grinding experience.  May I suggest the MOP Beta. It might surprise everyone that I am completely up to date with all MOP changes.  I.E. currently Prot Warriors do more damage than Fury and a Warlock’s pet can equip what ever weapon they […]