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Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play

Who didn’t see this coming? Right from Star Wars: The Old Republic will add a free-to-play option this Fall. Those who opt to play for free will have access to all the story content for all eight classes, and will be able to level a character all the way up to the current cap […]

LAST DAY for yearbook orders!

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about ordering one of these – this is your last chance! Currently we have 10/15 orders filled and WILL be going to print with them tomorrow. Make sure if you are planning to order one you do it ASAP as there won’t be an opportunity to order one […]

Panzers Costume Corner: Building Swtor Panzer Part1

I was cruising through my regular costuming forums I came across a post showing a TON of Star Wars related Pepakura files. Inside the post I came across a really interesting ad. “Although no one has paid or commissioned me to do any of these, I do gladly take requests and choose which ones I’m […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Welcome Home

“Where exactly are you taking me?”  complained Silverstrike  “You know we have more important things to do than go sightseeing.” Tapping an armored index finger on the transparasteel view-port, General Panzer Dawnstar indicated their destination. Saybur looked in the direction Panzer indicated.  There destination seemed to be an unmanned Capital ship. “There.  We are going […]

A visit with the new Doctor…  (Theme music!! Because I can!) Undercity, a few weeks after Mid-Summer festival… As Blarghe rode up through the entrance to Lordaeron a chill ran up his spine. He never liked this place, and he certainly didn’t enjoy the stench. As he rode down the elevator, he reviewed his assignment given to him by […]

MoP To be Released September 25th!

Official Announcement just dropped! Discuss!! Are you rerolling to a Panda? Are you rerolling monk? Are you happy with where your class sits? What features are you most excited for?   ARE YOU EXCITED OR WHAT?

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: The Leftovers

“Where is it?!” barked the General as he came crashing through the doors of the medical officers lab. inside the lab; Growlz, the chief medical officer, was hard at work on a massive piece of machinery. “It will be repaired and refitted when it’s ready, General. Now please stop being so impatient and leave me […]

2012 Yearbook: Last Week To Place A Orders

This is it folks! We’re at the last week to place an order for our communities yearbook! Currently we have seven out of fifteen orders to go to print – so if you are interested in this run – please be sure to contact me asap! For more information on how to order click the […]

General Panzer Dawnstars Raid Rules – Dictated But Not Read

“Hi! I’m General Panzer Dawnstar. Many of you over the course of the past few months have been wonder… ‘Hey, I’m in a raid with this awesome tank named Panzer! How can I be more awesome like this awesome tank, Panzer?’ well after my recent excursion to the tropics I took the time to write […]

SWTOR: We are Zergadins

Pride. That’s the only word I can use to describe my feelings.  The events culminating in last night’s Nightmare Mode Karagga’s Palace Zergdown. I am very Proud of the team we have all worked hard to create. In one month’s time we have recruited, geared, and trained a team that is ready to tackle SWTOR’s most […]