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2012 Yearbooks FINALLY back from the printers!

Took a little bit this time around; but they are finally here! I will begin shipping these bad boys out asap. (most likely after the long weekend as I’m in the transport industry and I KNOW how stuff moves over holidays hah) Thank you for everyone who got in on this project and for everyone’s […]

Pre Raid Mana Buff – DBM: Cataclysm

If you’ve traversed the new Patch 5.0.4, you might have noticed something.  Your Deadly Boss Mods update isn’t providing you with needed information in 5-mans or Dragon Soul Raids.  Any Cata Raids for that matter. This is because the latest DBM is for Mists of Pandaria 5 mans and Raids only.  You have to manually […]

Reimagined Boba Fett Helmet – Make a Wish Foundation

While this is not technically Zergadins related news – I thought it was way too neat to not post. “The As You Wish Project is a charity art event featuring reimagined Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmets which will be exhibited at Star Wars: Celebration VI and then sold on eBay with all proceeds benefiting […]

The Zergadins invade Guild wars 2!

As per Shammypants on our community forums: “To anyone who wants to play GW2 and still hasn’t started or wants to be on the same server as the rest of the guild; Blackgate is the one we’ve picked. It may be full when you first start, but transfers are free for the first week, and […]

WOW – The amazing Patch Day!

It’s here! Get your downloader ready, grab your favorite snacks and get ready to rock.   It’s only a matter of time until release day!   New Talents. New Rotations. New Skills. And the pre-expac event! ** Administrators note: Because Grokk made such a small post I needed to add this piece of filler […]

Minecraft – Land Grab Event!

With the restart of our Minecraft server hosted by Darkmuscles… our mine craft overlord. Darkmuscles has made the call to restart our old server and begin a fresh new one! What does that mean for our minecraft friends? Well, I’m glad you asked! Basically it means a brand new world to landscape… everything is up […]

Legacy Yearbooks – now available in viewable pdf!

After much Harassment from both Zyley and Blarghe I have decided to make our old yearbooks available for viewing on our website. To be clear – these are not high quality. The “premium” versions of these books would be far to large to host on our meager server – however there is alot of content, […]

WoW – Mists of Pandaria Protection Paladins at a glance

I figure since we’re looking at just a little over 30 days until Mists of Pandaria is released; I should probably bone up on the changes and how they going to affect my play style. As most of you know – I am a clicker. Yes, that means I click the stupid buttons to make […]

Diablo 3 Developers to everyone: %*#! you

Today some of us watched an amazing PR debacle unfold, provided by the Diablo 3 developers on facebook and several other fan sites.   There’s too much info to compile for now, but I will simply point you all in the right direction, if you would like to read up on a ****storm of epic […]

Minecraft: The server is back to life!

You read the post title correctly. Darkmuscles, our minecraft overlord, has completed work on the new minecraft server! For all you players out there that are ready to re-dawn your mining hats simply contact darkmuscles at to get the IP address. Let’s see what amazing works of lego-style art we can build this time […]