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WoW – Answering the Call

General Dawnstar watched the sun sink beneath the waters of Orgrimmar Harbor as his new officer, Rivendare, rode up beside him. The pair were polar opposites.  Dawnstar was an Paladin. A proud and headstrong wielder of Light.  Rivendare was humble.  Bearing the curse of undeath, and wielding powers of the grave.   His dark gifts […]

WoW – The Cataclysm is Over!

Well, here we are. Finally. The last day of Cataclysm. Tomorrow we awake to a new land, and new civilization. We boldly go, where no man has gone before! Let’s pause one last moment to stand in reflection for Cataclysm, looking back one last time before we look ahead. Everyone must have their favorite pieces […]

Panzers Costume Corner: I am Magneto, master of magnet! P2

So I Went to the Imax showing of the Dark Knight rises last night. It was the first night they were showing it – So of course I Had to go dressed up as Batman. Any chance to put on the outfit! At first I didn’t get as much attention as I usually do. Most […]

SWTOR – HM Explosive Conflict Progression

We are currently sitting at 2/4 for HM Explosive Conflict.  We are shooting to complete the Operation before the drop of patch 1.4.  I’d like to personally thank our team, old and new, for the contributions they all make to keep us moving forward. As some of you might know, the last few months of […]

SWTOR – Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Infernal Part 2

Editor’s Note:  This Datacron has been recovered by Mattman Starbanger. “Don’t screw this up Walter. We need to get Mattman back. And don’t let Azhi find out either or he will be pissed.  Sometimes I think you don’t take me seriously.” stated commander Zyley. Walter, who had already turned his back and was walking away, […]

WoW – The Unanswered Theramore Questions, Answered!

Okay, so this entire event drove me nuts. I had NO idea why this event happened – and I felt the lackluster attempt to make this some kind of lore seemed like they were reaching. Anyways, I sat back and started asking questions, clearly they were trying to tell a story because there were things […]

Panzers Costume Corner: I am Magneto, master of magnet!

“I am Magneto, master of magnet.” – X-Men arcade game Welcome back to Panzers Costume Corner! If you read my last blog – you knew I was attempting to build a SWTOR Panzer costume. After accessing the costs and the time involved in pursuing that project … well, let’s just say I would hate to […]

WoW – Heroic Madness of Deathwing Down!

With a thunderous roar the head of the giant mutated dragon of Deathwing came crashing down. The sound was like music to everyone’s ears as they knew, once and for all, that the Cataclysm was official over. September 16/2012 marked the moment that we finally defeated the final encounter of the current content The culmination […]

WoW – BREAKING THE BAT… errr Heroic Spine down!

That was one hell of an encounter!! OK I don’t care that we have a mere 11 days until Mists of Pandas; Heroic Spine was a major accomplishment for the guild and everyone should be proud of themselves! Even with the Dragon Soul debuff at its peak, Heroic Spine is a fight you just can’t […]

SWTOR – Patch 1.4 – So… what’s in it for me?

Here’s the link to the updating Test Server Notes for SWTOR Patch 1.4 “Wow Zyley, that’s alot of info.  What does all that boil down to?” Well Comrade, I’ll tell you. First of all we’ve got some signifigant class changes, many of which are dealing with PvP stuns or crowd control abilities.  If you are […]