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Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Spacer’s Need Space

Chronicler’s Note:  The Datacron has been recorded by Mattman Starbanger “Spacer’s need space” (part 1)   Buhrn awoke in a poorly lit room in a cantina somewhere on Drummond kaas. There was a pounding in his head that he attributed to the plethora of spiced nerf milk he partook of the previous night. As soon […]

WoW: Reviving and enhancing the lost Wolf of the Zergadins…

So as many of you know – Hellwolf has been out of commission for the past week. Apparently his Ethernet adaptor went haywire. I offered to take a look and see what I could do for him. His wife arrived at my office at around 10:30ish this morning and I proceeded to see what makes […]

Star Wars, the Family: Halloween 2012

I originally wanted to go as Chewie to my son’s Solo, but the wookie costumes are $$$$. 🙁 Behold: scandalous material to be brought up 10 years from now. Get it while it’s hot! About 10 minutes after we got out of our costumes, the red prop light saber I ordered arrived, so was missing […]

SWTOR – Know when to hold’em

…and you have to know when to fold’em.  I’m folding our hand in EC Hard Mode, for now.  We have run into logistical issues every week we’ve been in there.  I’m chalking that place up to some real bad mojo. Last night we attempted to clear it with 7/8 of our progression group.  It didn’t […]

WoW – The Stone Guard & Feng the Accursed Down!

So, After an impromptu raid last night and the assistance of a few puggers we managed to down our first official raid bosses in Mists of Pandaria! The Dog/Cats proved exceptionally difficult for this tank to wrap his head around, however after some extreme patience from everyone in the raid we managed to beat those […]

WoW: Challenge modes for the 2%

Hardcore Players make up roughly 2% of the population of WoW. If you find yourself frustrated that you aren’t being challenged enough or that things are just too easy then maybe… just maybe… you can be classified as the 2%: the Hardcore. While Hardcore players are certainly not the cash cows that keep the lights […]

SWTOR – Episode III ‘Terror from Beyond’

I compose this while I wait for our 7:30 Operations start time.  I’m completely positive we will finish up our progression in EC HM and move on to TFB. Looking forward to our next progression path, I want to give our members a chance to reset their roles is they are so inclined.  If you […]

Report from the frontlines

*static crackles from the transdimensional communicator* It’s absolute mayhem over here! At first what was a peaceful leveling trek amongst the populace of the Kil’jaedin server, has now become all out war! Alts have been ganked, mains have been brought, back up has been called for the mains. It’s a bloodbath. You want to do […]

WoW – The Troops

Ascending the shrine of Two Moons, Serawk paused to take in the view.  Pandaria was a sight to behold, and a terror to experience. The natives cherished balance as a cornerstone of their culture and the old Druid had witnessed this balance first hand over the past few days.  From a shipwreck on the shores […]

SWTOR – Is This ‘Star Wars’ Anime the Future of the Franchise?

YouTube is great at kitten hijinks and skateboarding fails, but at its best it provides the average joe with a forum to show off his skills. Such is the case with this short but incredibly impressive ‘Star Wars’ anime, which was created by user OtaKing77077. Lucasfilm, you had better watch closely. Essentially a montage of […]