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Zyley recruited as a columnist at Force Junkies!

As if our local Paladin wasn’t busy enough having began his restaurant, running a guild in Swtor and being a father –  he decided to submit his work to as they are currently looking for columnists. Which, of course, was accepted. He did fail to mention the Zergadins in it though … selfish bastard! […]

WoW – Elegon and Will of the Emperor Down! MV 6/6

Good morning Zergadins! I love these kinds of updates because there is nothing sweeter then reporting new boss kills and serious progression. Firstly we began last nights raid with a continuation of Saturday night. Our evening began at Elegon, the twilight dragon. For reference – Elegon has eluded us for quite some time; this damn […]

Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Spacer’s Need Space P2

Note: This Datacron was recovered by Zergadin Mattman Starbanger In Jache’s personal chamber aboard the Black Talon a rhythm augmentation droid played slurry cantina music. Low smoke hovered around a circular table surrounded by several Zergadins. Jache was hosting the gathering, along with the young and ambitious Buhrn Silverstrike. The duo of Mattmantula and Chupakatbrah, […]

What kind of MMO player are you?

I was talking to Blarghe a couple of days ago about how I tend to play my MMOs. I was saying how I found it incredible that in swtor I could still be out gearing some of the players. “that’s because you are a Sprinter!” Blarghe laughed as he said. “What the hell is that […]

SWTOR – I got hit so hard my pants broke.

Another night, another round of Hard mode Explosive Conflict for our SWTOR group. I think I can say without a shadow of doubt that it had to be the most enjoyable night of raiding I have seen in a while. It may not have been the fastest moving group we’ve ever pulled together but it […]

WoW – Civil War In Orgrimmar!

What happens when the Guild Master of our SWTOR Chapter of the Zergadins and the Guild Master our WoW group draw a line in the sand? Not a whole lot apparently. At 7:50pm server time: Zyley, in an act of pure saturated mutiny, attempted to rally our members in the World of Warcraft and start […]

WoW – The state of DPS in MoP

Found an interesting article on the WoW Insider I figured I would post here for everyone to take a look at. They did some serious reserch and posted where all the dps sit in comparison to each other. I thought it was an interesting read. According to findings there is some serious unbalance – more […]

SWTOR: Going F2P next week!

Taken from see the original Article here: If you never bothered with BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO because you didn’t feel like paying a subscription fee, starting Thursday November 15 you can play for free. Without signing up for a subscription you’ll be able to play as any class and experience […]

WoW – Life without a Monk

Yet Another promising  Night of raiding to report;  this time without our long standing member Shammypants to work his Monk heals with us.  Shammy, as most of you know,  is currently away on some strange vacation to Japan .. possibly to hone his ancient homeland skills and bring forth even more exceptional heals to the […]

WoW – Heart of Fear Minor Bruising!

With our pugger rogue unavailable to assist us with our progression in Mogu’shan Vaults(which we managed to do a fantastic job in last Thursday) we made the call to start fresh in the new raid instance that opened this week – The Heart of fear. This raid is considered one step further ahead then Mogu’shan; […]