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The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 4 (Jail Break)]

Adseg, Nephalem, Walterodim, Ghreen, and Mattman all stood there arguing over what the next move would be. They all knew the goal was to get off the prison ship, but each one had a different plan on how to accomplish the goal. Walterodim suggested that they climb to the highest point of the ship and […]

Force Junkies – Silverstrike Round Up

I’m not seeing many Zerg like comments in the article and guides I throw up daily at I’m not sure why that is?  Everyone must be too busy to drop by and post a witty comment or two.  I’ll be broadcasting the postings on twitter now as well.  I may have been scooped by […]

SWTOR – PTS 2.0 Ongoing impressions

Well, 2.0 is now on PTS, and while we cannot make the journey to Makeb, we can however check out all the other new features that will be coming to the game. Here are my initial impressions so far.Starting on the PTS Right when you get your character copied over, which seems to be a […]

SWTOR – Learn to be a REAL jedi!

Original Article by Max Nicholson; For many Star Wars fans, it’s been a lifelong dream to wield a lightsaber and master the combat of a more civilized age. Now, thanks to one determined fan, you can make those dreams a reality. Alain Bloch, a 32-year-old San Francisco-based software engineer and lifelong devotee of the […]

SWTOR – First time for everything!

“I just realized we did a 1 day tfb clear for the first time ever. I guess we’re kinda good! Zerg on hermanos!” – Tavo It’s always nice to report successful raid nights. it’s even better when you get to report that we had the most successful raid that we ever have run! with Terror […]

Team Fortress 2 – Another day another box of stolen pens

Another week goes by and another new VIP has been chosen. Monday we had another round of insanity on own personal TF2 server (Provided by our local Server wizard Blarghe). Many limbs were decapitated and distributed to the cold cold ground. Never will we forget the slaughter of poor Italiandragon or the spy-rape of Blarghe […]

SWTOR – Surprise, Losers… I’m a Warrior in disguise!

“One is never over-dressed or under dressed with a Little Black Dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld So, Sidainous and myself were cruising the galactic market on the imperial space dock last night trying to find him some end game gear that he could live with. You see, The Sith Marauder doesn’t have a lot of gear […]

SWTOR – Xenoanalyst II Gray Secant operation ZERGED!

“An ancient and powerful Gree starship has suddenly appeared and touched down in the midst of the frozen battlegrounds of the planet Ilum. Launched by the Gree’s ancestors long ago to explore and study the furthest reaches of the galaxy, the fully-automated vessel has been hyper-jumping from one star system to the next for uncounted […]

Minecraft – To OP or not to OP?

I had a conversation with Grokk the day we brought the server up regarding OP (or operator) access. Basically with Operator access you get the ability to spawn any materials you want and just go to town building whatever you please. While this that this will also allow for some pretty insane building projects – […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: Search for the Dahaki [Episode 3 (Paartharnox)]

“I’m telling you it’ll work!” Walt said, attempting to convince Nephelem of his scheme. “Walt, the sick prisoner routine isn’t necessary, we have a man on the inside.” “We do?” questioned Walt. “Is it your boy Khem Val? No… wait, Asharaa… I always did like her.” “Did you see the markings on the ship on […]