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Minecraft – Where to now?

I took a look at the activity on the Minecraft server recently… It has become pretty barren and devoid of life. While I understand that all games roll in cycles and perhaps Minecraft has run its for the time being – I wanted to touch base with the community to see if there were some […]

Community – 2013 Yearbook Roster Information and you!

Hey folks, It’s that time again! To make things a little easier I will be asking everyone in the community to fill one of these questionnaires out . Please hit the new link at the top of the website and fill one out! It will ask you for 4 pictures – a RL headshot, 1 […]

SWTOR – We are as Healthy as we are Active

Simply put, the break’s over for guild Ops/Activity in April. We’ve all had a good chunck of time off from the Winter season of Ops, Spring Ops will start up in April. The progression spots are yours to lose. Everyone knows who was in the last progression group, but it’s a new season of Ops […]

Console – Duck Tales WOO HOO!

DuckTales Remastered is in development at WayForward Technologies, Capcom announced today during its “World of Capcom” panel at PAX East 2013. It will launch this summer for $14.99 on PlayStation Network, 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade and $15 on the Wii U eShop. The character sprites are hand-drawn, while the world will exist […]

PC – Creative Assembly’s Special Day for James

This isn’t really related to anything we deal in, but I could resist posting this. It’s really incredible the lengths that some game companies will go, not for profit or fame, but just to be good people. ames was a huge Total War fan, and thanks to The Willow Foundation, had the opportunity to go […]

The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles : Search for the Dahaki – Episode 6 – Check your Shorts

“Very well Quinn, it is all going according to plan.” The shadowy figure explained across the holocom. “I’m on my way to meet with my new apprentice on Hoth, He has my prize waiting for me.” “Is it time to extinguish the irritation that is this motley crue my lord?” Quinn questioned the palm held […]

Zergadins 2013 Yearbook – Call out!

So I’ve been working away in my spare time building this years yearbook. I have the Gallery section completed and have started reviewing all of the articles on the website to pick out the ones that make the most sense in the book. While it’s awesome to have a few pieces of website history in […]

Here comes the Power Levelers

Well here’s a quick post.  Although this can be classified as an exploit, I do find it useful for those guys who don’t want to play through a story they have already seen. With the combination with the Double XP Weekend, you can easily get a level 30 to a level 50 in a single […]

Panzers Costume Corner: Building Swtor Panzer Part 3

The build continues! A couple of things went sideways that I am trying to work around; but I’m confident I can fix it as I go. I gave the paper a coat of fiberglass resin, This makes the piece alot stronger, but Unfortunately … it melted the Mohawk. You can see in the pictures its […]

SWTOR – Gree Event and Spring Progression

The  Gree boss Operation is scheduled for this Sunday at 7:30 server.  Attendance will determine if I schedule another for next Sunday.  If the attendance is spotty, I’ll just put together Ops on the fly for it next week. The Spring Progression is slated to start in early April.  We will focus on Nightmare Mode […]