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The Zergadin Datacron Chronicles: The Search for the Dahaki – Episode 8 (Fit Bird)

The coordinates were set for the Imperial Fleet, the hyperspace travel would allow just enough time to evaluate the casualty list. “What’s the Sit-rep,” barked out the General in his half-cocked pose that posed him in a legendary light as if he was more than a mere mortal. Quick to answer Sussanah began to list […]

Community – Fix your slow swtor Launcher!

I just reinstalled all my laptops software including windows. When I tried to Launch Swtor; the launcher took painfully long to get rolling – upwards of 5 minutes! I looked around and found a youtube article talking about it. To fix the issue of the launcher taking forever to load up after you click on […]

SWTOR : Crewskills Database

Greetings Comrades.  Thanks to the know how of Panzer and my relentlessness nagging, our Crewskills Database is live. Here’s the link to our page.  You can directly access the page under the SWTOR tab in the navigation bar above you.  We’ll soon have a large flashing link at the top of all our pages. […]

Community – Player of the year elections Rules

You read it first here! With the nominations concluded; the race for player of the year will commence April 29th. Our nominees are: Mattman Phazer Tosbeszijian This event is scheduled to run all throughout May. Rules for this event are as follows. What we are looking for is a vote AND an image showing your […]

Panzers Costume Corner: Building Swtor Panzer Part 5

Alright, here is a massive update for everyone. This pretty much concludes the Helmet so this is a special one! I’ve been asked alot of question regarding wither or not I would be building the rest of the outfit … the answer is yes. The plan is to have the entire costume built by the […]

Community – Zergadins 2013 Player of the year Nominations

Alright boys, It’s that time again. One lucky player is to selected to be named our Zergadins player of the year! For those of you joining us from previous years; you know how dirty this can get. For anyone new, I will review the rules.   2013 Player of the year Contest Part 1: The […]

Community – 2013 Yearbook Update! BIO DEADLINE.

Another quick update for everyone regarding the yearbook status! Progress is moving quite well with this yearbooks. With the addition of our datacron Chronicles, written by several members of the community, we are at 30 pages. I’m thinking this year is going to be the largest one we’ve done – I estimate around 75. For […]

Panzers Costume Corner: Building Swtor Panzer Part 4

another round of updates for everyone! More drama with this damn build…. ugh. I’ve learned alot about how bondo and fiberglass can warp the hell out of your project if you let it run amok! So in this round I had to make some tough calls, and I think the project is better for it. […]

The Elder Scrolls Online

So I was talking with Dave (Panzer) via email, and I mention my plans to develop a community in ESO just like a did with SWTOR. (Only this time actually recruit within the game instead of just within my friends list) Dave tells me he had heard ESO was a WoW clone. That is STAGGERING […]

SWTOR – How We Zerg

Greetings fellow Zergadins. Many of you were present for the 16 man story mode Terror from Beyond run on 4/2. It was not my best job of leading, and I’ll leave it at that. The failed raid brought up some feelings in the group, and everyone had a point. I’ll use our ‘Big Discussion’ as […]