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Diablo 3 – Too much lewt!

So, the game is coming along well, but one issue plagues every multiplayer gamer in D3 – loot. NOT, that you don’t get enough; you get TOO much, way too much. Enough loot to start vendoring and salvaging in mass quantities, especially when playing grouped at higher MP levels. I don’t know what to do […]

SWTOR : NiM Explosive Conflict

Like the true Zergadin Matt is, he decided to run EC NiM last night instead of his regular Monster Mash. Somehow I lead the run, go figure right? Overall it was a great success. The Zergs never attempted NiM EC when it was current, because we get paid by the hour. Last night we had […]

They do the Monster Mash

The Thursday night Monster Mashes have been a smash hit. We have been farming The Golden Fury on Makeb. Just about every world boss in the galaxy has fallen prey to the elite team of Zergadins who call themselves Monster Mashers. But we have killed so much stuff, that we’ve actually gotten bored with all […]

Zergadins 2013 Yearbook Place your orders!

This is it folks! The Zergadins 2013 Community yearbook has arrived! We will be taking orders until the end of June! Boasting over 60 unprecedented full color pages featuring Real life photos donated, or stolen whatever, of all of the zergadins that you have grown to love over the past year. Special features this year […]

Diablo 3 – Panzer goes Hardcore

Now that I have decided to give up on that horrible, horrible, Marvel heroes games (YES BLARGHE, you were right), I have decided I need to remind myself what a good ARPG plays like. I haven’t touched Diablo 3 in almost a year so I figured it was time to try again. The moment I […]

Marvel Heroes – Don’t waste your money.

Alright. I’ll say it. Marvel heroes sucks. I was really excited about this one. Because of the lure of comic book characters it presents and the sheer fact I could crush things as the hulk… you guys knew I bought that premium character right? I enjoyed leveling through the story even though it was very […]

Diablo 3 – AHEM…sorry guys…B;ALDKFJAD;FLADKJSF

ARGH 48 Dh down… 🙁 What a freaking fluke. I encountered some group, so fast I couldn’t even tell what they were, and before I knew it there was what seemed like a burp, or the mobs jumped, and I had 3 on me, with mortars, and I flipped away with potion…not enough. Literally, about […]

SWTOR : Ops Leader Wanted

Good Morning Zergs! Our Ops attendance has been rocky the last few weeks. I’m going to attribute this to the roller coaster scheduling caused by my off days. To remedy this we are going to need a committed Operations leader to take the reigns of Zergadin Ops on Vaiken Spacedock. I would like to see […]

Panzers Costume Corner: Skeletor, The REAL master of the universe P2

Just a small update regarding my Skeletor costume build. This one has been moving a little slower than I expected. Which is fine because The plan is to use this one for a Halloween costume this time around. I handed the hold fabric and body suit pattern to My Seamstress, Tracey, about 6 months ago […]

Marvel Heroes – Hawkeye Sucks.

I’ve been Playing Marvel heroes now for about a week. I have been thoroughly enjoining my premium character; the Hulk. I figured it would be neat to go through the characters as I played them and talked a little bit about them as I went. Blarghe has humoured me a couple of times and tried […]