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Blarghing – Kildara does Hardcore

…YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, SICK BASTARDS. 🙂 Anyway, yup, I got her to make a HC monk. I made a WD, and twinked the heck out of the two chars. Long story short, she died at about 30, because we 1 shotted an Act3 level elite group of moltens. 4 explosions 1 shotted her. […]

Blarghing – Wizards can Hold the Line

I was very surprised, and out of breath, and terrified. At some point just before entering the Act 1 Halls of Agony, you go into some big graveyard and then into a castle/manor. As soon as you enter, about 2 dozen mobs attack. With some great luck, my 15 wiz managed to hold them off […]

Blarghing – How I met the General

It was a dark and stormy battlefield. “Sir!” Sergeant Hellwolf said. “Take Grokk and Chade with you to the left flank.” “It’ll be rough” Hellwolf said “I know. Use AOE tactics, and draw out the healers.” Blarghe said. “Grrrr…..yes, sir.” Hellwolf said. Blarghe grabbed Hellwolf by his arm as he was trotting away. “Keep it […]

Blarghing – MP10 Hardcore Self Found

I was plugging away on my MP10 HC monk, at level 34, and realized he was pretty far behind the stats that my other HC MP10 chars had at that level (yes, I have a spreadsheet, I keep track :)) Oddly enough, I found myself not interested in dropping big bucks again on the AH […]