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D3 – Reaper of Souls: Clan Zergadins!

I made clan Zergadins, tag ZERG for D3. Anyway, if you haven’t tried out D3’s expansion yet, I suggest you do. If you were like me and even forgot you had pre-ordered it months ago, go play it. Good fun and LOTS of changes; some good, some bad, some funky (my show loot on the […]

WoW – Will Bolvar Return to fight the Legion?

I’m call’n right now it. The Legion shows up and tries to to activate the most powerful weapon they have created, THE LICH KING! The Lich kindgis going to return mark my words! It all makes perfect sense … Of course the next expansion will be Burning Legion, a blind man can see it coming. […]

WoW – What would you mount!?

So I was sitting around checking out my fancy Sky Golem mount that Brokenaces built for me when I came back (Thank you). I was looking at how unique the mount was and decided to flip open my pet journal to see what other crazy mounts I’ve gathered over the years. I sit around 120 […]

WoW – I miss Vanilla Alterac Valley

When I talk about Vanilla Alterac Valley, I mean AV as it was back then before all the cuts and changed made to it. I have never been huge on PvP, but i have never been afraid of checking it out here and there. During Cataclysm I spent may many hours trying to farm all […]

Panzers Costume Corner – Keeping it Real

I came across this guy today that specializes in making costumes out of complete garbage. I couldn’t stop laughing at this so I decided to post it for all to see! This man has shown us that You don’t need to wear expensive costumes to look awesome… but it sure does help! See below and […]

WoW – Siege of Ogrimaar for 8 more months!

Patch 5.4 which contained Siege of Orgrimmar was initially released September 9th, 2013. With the announcement of Pre-Orders and the more likely potential of a Fall release over the hoped summer or spring release of Warlords of Draenor, it looks like we could be looking at 12 months (September 2014) or more of SoO. Members […]

Panzers Costume Corner – Captain America P2

Hey again! It’s been close to a month since my last update on this costume build. Heroes inc is in the middle of preparing a new costume for one of our volunteers – Captain America!We were joking that after we’re done we’ll need to make a Captain Canada and make them fight! So progress on […]

Wow – *RANT* I hate the Timeless Isle

I’ve been playing wow for 10 years on and off. I don’t play it so I can establish my own structure, if i wanted to do that id play skyrim or other similar games. The thing I always liked about wow was there was structure there if you wanted it. there is also unstructured content […]

Hearthstone – Beta coming to a close!

Hearthstone is doing their open Beta test right now. That’s right, this is just the beta and it’s coming to an end very soon. This means that if you want to get a Golden Geblin Mekkatorque card, you’re going to need to get it now. The card itself will still be in the game. But, […]


I’m a huge post-apocalyptic game fan – I love zombie survival games and the fallout style games. I find the concept of trying to survive when basically you have nothing going on for you absolutely memorizing. During my break away from WoW I found myself desperately trying to find one of those types of games […]