Transmog of the Week

General Panzer Dawnstar.  No other Blood Elf strikes fear into the heart of the Alliance as the stalwart Leader of the Zergadins.  From Outland to Northrend, and even to the Elemental Plane of Fire, the General rallies his troops onto victory!

For many years the General has had to cobble together the most powerful armors he could loot from the corpses of dead foes, but now thanks to the magics of TMog, the General can once again wear his family’s crest.

After bartering with carnies at the Darkmoon Faire, General Dawnstar has come into possesion of a replica Lightforge suit of Armor.  This regal set lets him command in style and garnishes the adoration from females (and some males) of all Azeroth’s races!

The next time you set foot on the field of battle with General Panzer Dawnstar, try not to look directly at his beauty.  This set of armor has no equal!

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