Pre Raid Mana Buffs

The world’s most used psychoactive drug… Caffeine.

We all know it, and we all love it, but what is it?

Caffeine is a crystalline stimulant, natural pesticide and is toxic to house pets.  Humans love it.  It is naturally derived from plants  and can be found in the Coffee berry, Tea leaves and Guarana berries (just to name a few).  As of 2012 the American workforce spends $1000 USD on coffee yearly.  Over 25 billion individual Energy Drinks are consumed worldwide every year….

“I’ll be right back; I need another cup of coffee.”  –  Anonymous Gamer at 2 am

Most regular consumers of caffeine become immune to the negative side effects, such as insomnia, after building a sufficient tolerance.  Other negative effects include… wait wtf do we care about the negative effects of caffeine.  Caffeine is the only reason I can function!  This is Pre-Raid Mana Buffs and Caffeine is the king of Mana Buffs!

One of the best ways to consume caffeine is in the form of an Iced Coffee.  It’s simple and can be altered to an individual’s taste.  Add chocolate, vanilla, or caramel to standard coffee and pour over ice.  Mix in whole milk and stir.  Best part of this drink is it can’t get cold enough!

A great hot caffeine is Espresso.  Did you know, Espresso was invented by the Italian industrialist Angelo Moriondo.  He submitted the first patent for the machine to control the water and steam to make the beverage.  It’s a popular myth that he was working on a way for workers to take quicker café breaks!  Smaller drinks with more Caffeine!  I prefer a Starbucks Café Latte, Skinny, with 3 extra Shots and Sugar Free Caramel.

For energy drinker nothing can beat a Red Bull.  It really doesn’t even taste good, but it’s sweet when it jazzes you up!  See: Red Bull and Vodka for an all-night cocktail.  Relatively new on the scene are Energy Shots like “5 hour Energy.”  They combine about 100 mg of caffeine with B vitamins and ginseng to shoot it straight to you heart.  I approve of my new Caffeine over lords!

Here’s to caffeine /cheers

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  • Panzer

    I feel like I’ve learned more from your blogs then I have in my entire life of being online lol.