Twomoons – The Richest man in the Zergadins

Ladies and gentleman allow me to introduce the Zergadins latest member of the millionaire club: Twomoons the man with too much gold!

Twomoons recently achieved the unbelievable (espcially to player like Mappy). He has managed to surpass the 1,000,000 gold mark. This begs the questions, has Blizzard literally given up on the inflation in Warcraft? Maybe Twomoons simply that good of a gold investor? Or could it be as simple as WoW need more gold sinks? I find this topic a little disturbing being one of the “average” income players. I don’t think I have ever even seen gold above 20,000 on any of my toons or even combined!

Taken from MMO Champion:

“For those new to the concept, a gold sink is simply some (usually) non-essential item or service that takes money out of the World of Warcraft economy. Vial of the Sands is perhaps the most aggressive example in Cataclysm thus far — each one that’s crafted sucks tens of thousands of gold out of circulation — but it’s far from the only one. The 10% off the top that the Auction House takes, reforging, repair bills, and soon transmogrification — all of these are gold sinks.

Typically, as WoW ages, game designers put more large gold sinks into the game. At first, advanced riding skills were gold sinks (900g to get the ability to use a 100% speed ground mount — a lot of money at the time). Now, gold sinks typically take the form of mounts and items. In Wrath, there was the 20,000g Reins of the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. The materials to craft Vial of the Sands cost around 30,000g. Even in patch 4.2, we have a few smaller (but definite) gold sinks: the 1,300g+ Crimson Lasher pet, the 1,300g+ Hyjal Bear Cub pet, the 437g Mushroom Chair, and the 3,000g+ Mylune’s Call.

Gold sinks are often seen as luxury items, a way to flaunt wealth. But that’s not why they exist. They’re small battles in the losing but necessary war against inflation in World of Warcraft.”

What do you think? Has gold become a joke or is Twomoons just that awesome?

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