SWTOR Daily Quests and Lvl 50 Gear

After a few weeks of bouncing around the galaxy I wanted to settle into the daily quest grind for Credits and Gear.  Now… Where the hell are the daily quests?

I had resigned myself to just searching for them, but then I came across this well put together post on torhead and an even better blog about them!

This lays it all out nicely for you.  One important note:  You have to complete your class story line to access the Ilum Quests.

There is the road map for your daily questing, so let me tell you some fun facts about those quests.  Along with the rewards you gain, which are listed nicely in the above post, you get on average 10,000 credits for each one.  If you read the post above, there are 18 quests.  So… that’s 180,000 credits for doing them all, not a bad haul.  Add in then vendor trash and green drops and you are looking at close to 200,000.  If you are a slicer  you can bank on 10,000 more from Slicing nodes.  Gatherers can amass some nice mats as well.

Now, what can you do with all those badges?  Turn them into shiny new purples of course!  You can Purchase Lvl 51 Barrels, Armor, and Hilts for your Orange Gear on Ilum and Lvl 51 Mods on Belsavis. Combine that with the Mod and Enhancement drops you get from the quests and you are looking at a Normal Raid ready set of gear. With that gear you can easily waltz into any Hard Mod and contribute with confidence. Hopefully you can grab some Tionese gear drops from the Hard Modes you run. Oh… BTW you can purchase a Rakata Ear Piece for 120 Daily commendations. The Rakata level of gear is the best you can get ATM. I am of the opinion that should be your second week’s commendation purchase.

If you followed my gearing plan above you can save the Tionese Commendations and Crystals to round out your gearing. Note: It takes over 110 crystals plus about 75 Tionese commendations to purchase a weapon. That’s over 50 bosses downed to collect enough crystals, so your better off just building your own. If you are lucky enough to get a weapon drop from HK, consider it a bonus. If you didn’t know HK-47 is the weapon master of SWTOR. Here is a great loot website that you can filter out your drops. Notice that off hand drops are gained form HM Foundry from HK (Empire side of course) and HM False Emperor from HK.

If you added up just two weeks worth of dailies you could make 2,520,000 in credits and create a Normal Raid ready set of gear for yourself. Note: a handful of the quests are Heroic and require groups of 2 or more to complete. This can be frustrating, but don’t sweat it. Spam in the /1 chat channel as you finish the solo daily quest lines, and you will come across a fellow player to finish them with. If you see me on line (Zyley or Sayber) I’ll be happy to join in!

One last note. Ripping out Mods on Lvl 51 gear will cost you 25,000 credits and in Patch 1.2 you will be able to rip the armor slot out of Tier Gear. The tier bonus will follow the Armor mod to new gear. So save that cool lvl 10 Orange gear you look good in!

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