Who is your Arch-Nemesis?

There we stood – nose to nose with the most destructive force ever to cross the plains of Azeroth, Deathwing the Destroyer. The giant fiery dragon managed to torch most of us while we leveled our new goblin toons and now it was time for revenge. Panzer, the stalwart leader of our group, grabbed his shield, his low end ilvl 365 sword, (crafted courtesy of Hellwolf) his rag tag crew of raiders and dove head first into the jaws of certain death. Finally, after weeks of constant struggle, we managed to bring this monster to the ground.”

After every boss kill we have ever done there has always been a sense of massive accomplishment. Reminding us that “yes, we are a fairly good raid group.” However, most guilds out there, and I mean most, don’t generally get the opportunity to experience a lot of what the game has to offer while it’s current. Many players attach themselves to guilds that never really get raiding off the ground. So as such, they end up looking for Pug groups that are running old content. Sure, right now at 85 with DS epics, you can walk all over any non Cataclysm bosses, but you never really get to experience that challenge of learning the fights and ultimately remembering the names of the boss. There is something to be said about getting almost intimate with a boss after weeks of getting your face smashed in by them.

Many players were raiding in Classic and BC, which some bosses being extremely difficult and challenging. Being a member of a successful raiding guild is actually a rare thing when you look at the statistics. This doesn’t mean that we have this massive advantage – it means that we have the headaches earlier then everyone else! So my question to everyone is which one of the many bosses we have destroyed during current content left a scar in your memory the most? Who gave you nightmares or even ripped apart your raiding teams? Why did you rage quit over this bugger?

We all have memories of these nightmare fights, both fond and not so fond… (^&*%ing Lich King) … however I’m sure everyone has a story. Why not take a minute out and reflect on these bosses.

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