SWTOR: Patch 1.2 goes live TONIGHT!

Those of us that have been playing Star Wars: The Old republic have been patiently awaiting the latest game update, named “Legacy” for quite some time now.  In part because this new patch will offer up a new Warzone, a new Operation, a new Flashpoint, and some changes to the endgame equipment options.  But the other reason is the addition of the game’s expanded Legacy system, which will connect all of a player’s characters in a family tree of sorts, allowing players to learn certain skills that they normally wouldn’t be able to learn that their previous characters already have.  The Update will also open up playable races that the player has already used to classes that wouldn’t normally be able  use them.

While that’s basically the “short version” of what’s coming in the new Legacy Patch 1.2, the real news is that it’s coming tonight a 1am EST, 10pm PST with an update that’s expected to take the servers down for about 8 hours.  But that means that tomorrow morning all your friends that have been playing SWTOR will have a ton of new toys to explore.  In other words, if they’re not in class or at work, you know where they are….


Grokk posted this in the forums earlier today:

“In order to insure that everyone gets done what they want to before the patch tomorrow we will be ending the raid at 9:30-9:45ish so that you can move stuff around buy any tier pieces you need before the patch. Please note that the servers will come back up around 7 am-ish.

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