Pre Raid Mana Buffs

Its been too long since we buffed up people.  To get us rolling again I’ll start with a simple, yet little enjoyed elixer.

Say hello to the Skinny Bitch.

To make a Skinny Bitch take 1 1/2 oz. of Vodka, I like Ketel One, and mix with Diet Coke.  Much like a Vodka and Soda the Skinny Bitch has no sugar in it.  The lack of Sugar in any alcohol cocktail lends itself to a ‘sharper’ drink.  When you drink something like an Amarretto Sour, which is full of sugars, your getting a sugar rush plus a deppressant.  Some don’t really like that type of buff.  The Skinny Bitch is clean cocktail, in a nice black dress of Diet Coke.  Simple and effective.

I’m keeping this short because I buffed more than my share of Vodka in a Black Dress last night.


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  • Blarghe

    This is a favorite, or cheap whiskey in a diet root beer.

    Pretty much any simple spirit mixed with diet soda.