Zergadins 2012 Yearbook update!

So progress is going well with the yearbook and I wanted to let everyone know where we are sitting thus far! Currently the roster section hasn’t been asembled; however we have 41 Players bios almost ready and another expect 9 as soon as we can figure out what the star wars crew is doing. I’m hoping once Zyley assess’ who we still have active over there we can properly estimate the final member count.  The break down for what we have planned so far is as follows:

Dedication page – 1 page
Table of contents – 1 page
Introduction – 3 pages
Roster Section – 14 Pages
Boss Kill gallery – 9 Pages
Vespetos art – 2 pages
Grokks research paper – 3 pages
Loras article – 2 pages
healing with hate – 3 page
Stupid ads – 4 pages
Guildie of the year – 3 pages
Player of the week recap – 4 pages
credits – 1 page

we also have Darkmuscles, Mooyou, Sarya, Azhriaz, Blarghe, Lora, Zyley and even Gnomeganker offering to toss in some more matrial for us so this yearbook should be the most solid yet! We currently have the book planned out to be 60 pages, however that number is expected to change as I see how much our writting crew contributes. If you would like to get involved with this project just shoot me an email and let’s chat about how you can get your creations in! Panzer@zergadins.com


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