Game of Thrones

So I’m not sure how many of you either have HBO, have seen HBO shows, or have access to some….unsavory piratical methods of procuring television shows on your computer, but if by some chance you have one of these tools you should definitely check out the series.

Game of Thrones is a book series that HBO (and many fans) decided was so good, it deserved a TV series. Rightfully so, because the entire series is simply amazing.

The show has in its cast some great choices new and old favorites such as:

Sean Bean <>
Peter Dinklage <>
Jason Momoa <>

The story is set in a fantasy style setting, and tells the story of a medieval world in which a host of nations vie for control of the entire realm, through various means. Each nation is represented by a different animal aspect that is indigenous to its area. The Direwolf for Lord Stark of Winterfell, the Stag for House Baratheon in the Southern Woods, The Dragon of the Western lands across the sea, and many more.

Each character in the story has a role to play, and each character has their own backstory, flaws, qualities and skills that work with and against them in some of the most interesting ways. The writer, George R. R. Martin is not afraid to kill characters off in the idea of progressing the story and other characters, and it is because of this and other qualities of his writing that make the story so interesting.

What is most interesting about the series is that you begin to grow attached to characters very early on. My personal favorite is shown above: Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is a prince, but as obviously shown, is also a dwarf, and so he is nicknamed The Imp. Without spoiling anything, from the beginning you already get a sense for who and what he is all about, and further in the series as with all the other characters, begin to respect and love them all the more.

So head down to a bookstore, or download the first season and get caught up soon, because not only is Season 2 on the way…but also…



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