Official Zergadins SWTOR Guild Information

Some unnamed forces have gotten into contact with me and have been asking about a plan for the guild in SWTOR, and informed me that I should make an official post regarding the plan.

Since Panzer might be a while in joining I’ve taken up the reigns for creating and planning out events for the guildies who will be joining us in a galaxy far far away.
No, we won’t really be changing any rules or general policies of the guild itself, but we will need to set a few ground rules and make sure a few policies are known.

Firstly, as this is a new game you need to remember that it may have certain issues with the player-base that WoW did not, or does not at the moment.
As such, all veteran members who are currently active within the guild will be given sub-officer status with access to pretty much everything. Those willing to help me run the guild and prove to be helpful will be given officer status.

Anyone who joins us through WoW or this game post release will have to go through a trial period just like they do in WoW before they are granted any titles or powers within the guild. (If a member joins Zergadins in WoW and passes their trial period it will be taken into consideration in SWTOR if they decide to come play there as well, but will not automatically grant them that rank. This is to prevent the abuse of guild systems by those that are still new to SWTOR)

Secondly: Please do not let the above sentiment discourage you from recruitment. We will most likely not actively recruit, but will always take applications! From what I can tell we will have a decent sized group of players, but not everyone will stick with this game and quit WoW for good. In order for us to achieve goals in SWTOR we will need solid members and players just as the raid teams do in WoW. (also do not take this as an aim to steal players from WoW. We are a gaming community now. If someone prefers to stick with WoW and leaves SWTOR to do so, it is perfectly acceptable and they should not be given any grief, unless their name is Panzer.)

Thirdly: understand that as this is a new game, not everyone has played the beta, read guides or is a fast learner. If you are achieving levels at a faster rate than anyone else, consider taking a break to help other members catch up and be mindful that no everyone is as skilled as you are… =P

Finally, please keep in mind that while this is a new game, you are representing the Zergadins as a whole. Your actions speak for all of us, and we want to be thought well of.

Aside from these, the officers and I reserve the right to amend or institute new rules as we see fit, but know that all rules made or abolished go with the council of those responsible for the guild as a whole.
No decision will be made without the discussion and council of the collective authority.
It is my goal to run this guild as a subsection of the Zergadins and to operate it in a council fashion more than Panzer’s lackadaisical dictatorship (sarcasm =P)

Any questions or concerns can be directed to me via private message and/or my personal email:

If you are interested in an officer position or have ideas for activities/goals, please contact me ASAP.

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