Mooyou talks SWTOR beta

Bleh. It was a rough weekend for me to Beta and do much else as I had a lock-in with the kids on Sat which meant I slept most of Sunday to recover. And of course then I got this frakkin cold which put me out of commission almost all day on Monday.

My experiences: I made a Smuggler and lvled to 16 and a trooper, consular and inquisitor to about 7-10 on each. I found the quests very engaging and the overall experience very immersive. I did find when I forced my choices to be ‘dark side’ on my inquisitor, I was less engaged (but that is a personal quirk as I hate beign a douche). Gameplay was solid nothing really new from most mmos, but I liked the fact that you took on packs of mobs instead of find a single target, kill it and move on. You feel more powerful.

Companions: I really like them. They do speed up killing and such and allow you to accidentally pull two groups and still live. I do like the fact they are not all powerful and if I am not attacking and working to take down the mobs, the companion will probably die. I was a healer talented scoundrel so on the last fight before I got my ship I had to really work and heal my pet to survive. I will admit I died my first attempt as I was not expecting the challenge. I actually got bummed when I would do something that ticked off my companion and worked actively to increase my rating with my them. This helped reduce the feeling they were just a bunch of pixels chasing me around and actually made them interesting.

Social: Like Wow and many MMOs, you can level pretty much from quests and such, so grouping is not a “have to” but more of a choice. There are a smattering of quests as you level that do require additional assistance to complete, BUT I have not found any that were required. I was talking on vent with people while leveling and that made it much more engaging. I found I missed the whole guild chat thing, which accounts for the majority of my social experience in games.

Quests: Simply amazing. So many cool things aside from the standard kill 5 guys quests. There are plenty of those, and yes the rest all rely on go to x location and click on y object, but that seems more engaging since you seem to be doing something. The cut scenes and voice acting are cool. Questing is a SLOW process, as the voice acting slows it down. I would say by skipping through the scenes using the old spacebar you can more than double your leveling speed (I did this on the shared quests in areas since as a trooper and smuggler, you start in the same area).

Crewskills (professions): I love the way they are handled in this game. No more grinding for hours collecting and then spending time powering through 50 points or so in 4 minutes. You have to send your crew to do stuff and it takes about 2-3 minutes for each point. That may seem slow, BUT you can do it while you run from point a-b for quest hand-ins or while you are in a flight path. So much more fun and its amazing how fast you can level them when you are not really trying at all. I did not have time to work on them once I got my ship so not sure what you can do when you get multiple companions.

PVP: No insight cause I did not pvp.

Overall, I had a very positive experience once I blocked out general chat. It seemed no matter what server or side you were on there were a couple really vocal douchebags who either ripped on the game insistently or just argued with anything anyone said. I really like the game and am excited for it to open next month.

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