New instances for WoW 4.3

Ok so I jumped on and ran my first instance.

You have two random bosses then Mozurndo or whatever the dragon name is. We wiped on each of teh first bosses once then 1 shotted the boss barely.

The trash hits hard. We did no CC on the first two boss trash but on the final boss CC you MUST cc the dragonkin. We had a good tank go down from full to empty in 2 seconds. CC makes it easy.

Shadow of Jaina. Not really hard. She does these bolts that can be interrupted teh rogue said. She does this thing like blades across ground. They deal a bunch of damage and not sure if it was avoidable but I could heal through it. I pulled like 17k hps… yes more than I average in Firelands.

Shadow Of Sylvanas: She summons a ring of ghouls who form a circle and advance inward. You cannot cross the link or be on the outside or you take ridiculous damage. Focus down one ghoul and you can run out to a clear spot. She does some ae on the ground which if you stand in you die fast. She uses some dot but I just cleansed it off real fast ansd did not notice it. If you do not have the dps to down teh advancing ghoul in time you will wipe. 15K hps.

Dragon boss: This guy hits pretty hard at times on the tank but drops these dome things on player that turn into flamey circles on the ground. The circles do damage and persist. Every so often he does this rewind like spell and you move backwards and black and white and all the swirlies go away. At 40% you have no more rewinds and the swirlies become a bitch. If the dps and tank are smart about moving you will not block yourselves away. This happened to me and I ran into the fires to drop hots on the tank before dying. 18.6k HPS.

Overall fun but really fast dungeons. I expect lots of bitching as the healing must be good and such but you also need good coordination.

378 drops.


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