Diablo 3 – /Players ….10!?

SEE IMAGE FOR /PLAYER 6 STEAMROLL (Just died to it, after zoning back in from an afk. OWW – elite and 3 nasty champs) – THANKS GROKK! :p

So, it was a couple D3 patches ago, when they added the equivalent of the old D2, “/players X” command. Usually set to 8, the command made it so you could play a solo game as if it were a large group game. To put it in MMO terms – it would be like running a 5man dungeon, with just 1 char – like a boss.

Anyway…OWWWWW. To get to this feature, first hit Esc, then Options, then Gameplay. In the right “Interface” column, at the bottom, is a checkbox for “Enable Monster Power Selection.” Check that box, Accept/Apply, then at some point you need to get back to your char select screen where you can select “Change Quest.”

Select a quest, then notice below, you have difficulty (ie: normal, nightmare, etc) and a new option: Monster Power!

1-10 it is. Now, since D3 groups only go to 4, I figured I’d start at 10, for the sole reason that the char I was experimenting on was completely nontwinked and sucked ass (my new level 9ish monk), so I figured it would maybe be a challenge.


Power 10, bad. BAD. A pack of 3 or 4 zombies was like fighting champions. I have now dialed in to about 5 or 6, for a weakly geared solo char, and even then the champs/elites feel like undergeared Inferno Act1 all over again. 🙁 …err, :):) In a 🙁 but 🙂 way. Ooof.

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  • Grokk


  • Blarghe

    This isn’t Geometry, soldier! Turn up the player volume, and the baddies get louder, got it?!

  • Panzer

    Basically He juiced the mobs and got pwned. Glad to hear you were smart enough to try it on a lowbie first!

  • Blarghe

    What panzer said. 🙂

    Wow dungeons need this…hah.