SWTOR – Xenoanalyst II Gray Secant operation ZERGED!

“An ancient and powerful Gree starship has suddenly appeared and touched down in the midst of the frozen battlegrounds of the planet Ilum. Launched by the Gree’s ancestors long ago to explore and study the furthest reaches of the galaxy, the fully-automated vessel has been hyper-jumping from one star system to the next for uncounted centuries, examining the planets it discovers and analyzing how their native species respond to various stimuli, from mild atmospheric alterations to direct attacks.

For the modern Gree, the starship has come to be known as ‘Gray Secant,’ and carries an almost religious significance. Having long forgotten the techniques and intentions of their ancient predecessors, the Gree can only look back on their ancestors’ works with deeply-felt reverence and do their best to keep them functional. The reappearance of this unfathomably sophisticated star ship is incredibly exciting for the Gree, and they want to do anything they can to further Gray Secant’s now-mythic purpose. Since the starship seems to have taken an interest in Ilum’s battles between the Republic and the Empire, the Gree have reached out to exceptional individuals from both factions, offering lavish rewards for those who travel to Ilum’s battlegrounds to fight and provide data for the Secant’s grand mission of galactic analysis.”

… And last Sunday we Zerged the hell out of it. With 11 Zergadin players, along with the help of a few of our local puggers, we managed to wrangle these bosses to the group. It was a quick hour and fifteen minutes and we managed to have the instances boss down twice (story mode AND hard mode) then proceed to beat down the two world bosses!

Thanks to everyone who came and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for more carnage!

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