SWTOR – Surprise, Losers… I’m a Warrior in disguise!

“One is never over-dressed or under dressed with a Little Black Dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld

So, Sidainous and myself were cruising the galactic market on the imperial space dock last night trying to find him some end game gear that he could live with. You see, The Sith Marauder doesn’t have a lot of gear that, as Sidainous mentioned, ‘strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies!” After a good ten minutes of browsing around we resorted to Google searching some suggestions that other players may have had… he can’t be the first player to run into this fashion crisis; so we thought. After some searching online we came across a suggestion for a level 40 pvp robe. The robe has been used fairly religiously amongst the Marauder crew as an easy solution to their gearing woes. although, The majority of them just accept the fact they are going to look like a Bart Simpson cyborg and move on with their lives. We decided to see what said robe looked like so we went to the pvp vendors on the dock to check it out and we came across a very odd sight… a very slick player in a completely black bounty hunter pvp set named “Conqueror Orphan Of-darkness”. We both agreed that he wore the armor set well… even though Sidainous mentioned something about him looking like a more “Manly panzer” .


You can immediately see why Orphan caught our attention.

I, of course, proceeded to takeĀ  few self serving screenshots. After a few minutes of bouncing around this poor player like a fool; Sidainous pointed out to me that this was not a bounty hunter! “Notice something strange on his back?” Ya… that’s a god damn lightsaber. Orphan is a straight-up Sith Warrior! He worked his way through the tiers and actually built an entire black bounty hunter pvp set to use on hte battlefield! Both me and Sidainous found this very interesting. Being an adaptive armor set with no class restrictions meant that Orphan could customize his look and actually screw with players “at a glance”. That kind of quick assessment could be very useful in a fast past pvp environment; how useful? I suppose only Orphan would be able to answer that. But the point is that it really allows him to “break the mold” and build a look that really allows him to stand out in the crowd.

So it got me thinking about how important the look of you’re character is to the player. In the past, gear was considered a trophy that let you show off your achievements like the grand Marshal title in Vanilla WoW. But over the course of the past couple years gear has morphed from a trophy – to more of a way to allow you to almost express individuality in a mass player environment. So I find myself asking a question that I present to everyone – What are you wearing? Do you stick to the guidelines that the game sets in front of you or do you try to be unique like our friend Orphan and try to break the mold?

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