I know what we did last night…

What a glorious night of raiding we had last night, folks!


Being the first night for patch 4.3, we bravely and blindly dove in to see what the new raid content had to offer. We spent a grand total of 3 hours inside the bowels of the beast and came out with two new boss kills to add to our wall of fame! As the website continues to fill back out our Boss Kill Gallery will feature these legendry historical images.


So here’s the break down from last night:


After roughly 3 or 4 trash pulls in, this is the first boss you encounter in the zone and is actually viable from the entrance. His model is the same as the 3rd boss from Stonecore that the pugs all hate: Ozruk. This boss took all of 5 minutes to figure out and then one shot like the Zergadins pros we are.


Morchuk proved to be nothing but a straight up complete joke. My proven fail method of “Zerg it!” actually worked, and this boss went down with minimal effort and very little strategy in mind. The big challenge that boss brought to the table is a “duck and cover” during a mass AOE phase… where everyone hides behind some rocks similar to the 2nd boss in Stonecore, Slabhide.  Besides that the only other thing he did were “ZA” style chains where everyone needs to run to the source of the chains to reduce damage. Both of these mechanics are nothing new and if you have drilled all the heroic encounters of Stonecore into your head then the mechanics of this fight become nothing short of silly and laughable. This is the tier 13 loot boat in my opinion.


Yor’sahj the Unsleeping

Having walked all over the previous boss, Morchuk, we all assumed that’s what we’d be looking at when we bounced up to this monster. Let me toss this out there. No. Just, NO.


Yor’sahj was a completely different encounter then we found in old heroic instances. Basically, he spawns 3 different adds that crawl up to him, and you have the ability to kill one of these adds. When the adds touch the boss, they give him an ability, which depends on the color of the adds that touched him. He has those abilities for the next 45 or so seconds until he spawns a fresh set of adds.


The encounter itself is fairly straight forward once you get the co-ordination done. However, the fight is an extreme gear check. Our group took roughly 1 hour to finally pound him down and we were nearing the 10 minute enrage timer each attempt we did him. I figure that gear will eventually make this guy very easy, but for the time being he isn’t a boss we should take lightly.


Warlord Zon’ozz

With two bosses down and a pretty large proud grin on all of our faces, we decided to venture even further down the <cough> rabbit hole <cough> and try the 3rd boss on the list. This is another boss that brought some new mechanics and gimmicks for us to play with.


The basic concept for this fight is a giant game of “soccer”. First the raid is split in half, one group to the north and the other to the south of the boss. The tank holds the boss in the center of the map and he creates the Ball. The ball begins rolling toward the nearest wall and the closest group to the ball needs to gather up and allow it to “bounce” off towards the other group. This carries on back and forth until the ball has bounced about 5 times and then the boss is forced into the collision point. This started a burn phase where everyone stacks up and does as much damage to the boss as humanly possible.


The fight itself was a real bugger to figure out. After about 45 minutes we learned that the ball must be bounced back with at least 4 people because the ball does mass damage to the person or people being hit. That damage is spread out across all the players with in a yard or two. Anyways, the amount of damage being taken by the tanks and the players was extremely high and unfortunately we did not bring this screen shot to our gallery. Next week…


So there you have it. Our first experience with the new content. I imagine that everyone will be sick to death of this stuff by the time that the Jack Black expansion is released, so let’s take our time and enjoy it because I don’t think we’re going to get anything else till this time next year!

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