Community – Fix your slow swtor Launcher!

I just reinstalled all my laptops software including windows. When I tried to Launch Swtor; the launcher took painfully long to get rolling – upwards of 5 minutes! I looked around and found a youtube article talking about it.

To fix the issue of the launcher taking forever to load up after you click on it to load, I have a fix for you. Open up internet explorer and click on tools. At the very bottom of the popup list, click Internet Options. Click on the Connections tab and then click on LAN Settings. Make sure to uncheck all the boxes. Click OK on all the windows to make sure it saves everything. Close off IE and then load up your launcher again. It loads within a few seconds now, compared to taking 5-10 minutes as before.

I take no credit for this fix, as I discovered it from someone on youtube.


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  • Mattman

    internet explorer?

  • Panzer

    Everyone understands internet explorer. You can access the same thing from your control panel. You’re just looking to change the LAN settings.

  • +1

    I fixed it. It took 12 hours, but I fixed it. So what I did was, opened task manager – ended bitraider process – and uninstalled swtor from my machine along with its broadband stealing third party web client bitraider. Thus, speeding up my PC, and saving myself from the “release the gremlins in the name of expediency and / or margin” approach EA typically seem to adopt.
    Seriously, 12 hours into the install, and at 45%? Nothing wrong with my machine or internet connection, google will testify to this being a common problem.
    I’ve seen some advice about aligning Jupiter and Mars in some long ass process of ironing out the issue (only for it to rear its head again upon one of its many patches).
    Looks like a decent game (unsurprisingly), but involving EA games, as well as software that commandeers your PC’s bandwidth to engage in activities that have nothing to do with your own swtor gameplay, seems to be a match made in hell.
    BTW, Lord of the Rings uses a web client too, akamai. Some very interesting posts with regard akamai’s internet traffic behaviour on the machines of unsuspecting lotro players. Doubt I can paste a link here, but a google search of the header below should open with a question about akamai from michael cs.

    What is Akamai NetSession Client (users**appdatalocalakamainetsession_win.exe and is it OK to grant network access?