Community – Representing the Zergadins!

So after my big chain mail of Minecraft inquiries last week; I received a cute little image from one of our Swtor players, Phazer. He’s been playing a little Japanese game(?) called Maple story. He began playing it back when he was in junior high and recently had an itch for a more casual game so he fired it back up. After a very short stint Phazer wanted to bring a little something from our community to his game and actually created another Zergadins chapter, albeit a one man chapter, to his old game.

As some of you may be aware; on August 15th we had our 5th year anniversary as a community. I like to think that our group is unlike any others… which may just be a pipe dream, but It’s my life and I’ll remember it anyway I want! Our group has gone through some interesting transformations through the years that include different games, social circles, and of course Drama. But, the majority of our community has managed to keep in contact over the years and have always felt like part of our team.

Mappy, One of our WoW players, summed this up for me pretty good about a year and a half ago when he said “I may not be in the guild, but I am still a Zergadin.”

A couple of days ago I posted the digital version of our final yearbook. One thing I mentioned was that our community had outgrown it. Although the tune of what I was typing may have sounded negative, that was not what I intended. Growing and evolving is what we are suppose to do as people and believe the fact that we’ve managed to do that together over the years is a fantastic thing.

What do you think? is the community falling apart or is it evolving?

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